Results for July to December 2022

  • British Masters 5km Road Championships, Battersea Park, 4 December 2022 31-12-22 
  • British Masters and VAC 10 Mile Road Championships, Cyclopark, Gravesend, 27 November 2022 30-11-22 
  • Ladies Surrey League Cross Country, Oxshott Woods, 12 November 2022 15-11-22 
  • Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Oxshott Woods, 12 November 2022 15-11-22 
  • VAC 7 mile road walk championships, Enfield, 12 November 2022 13-11-22 
  • Loughton AC George Richardson Inter Club Vets Cross Country, Loughton, 5 November 2022 7-11-22 
  • Ladies Surrey League Cross Country, Priory Park, 15 October 2022  20-10-22 
  • Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Priory Park, 15 October 2022 20-10-22 
  • East Surrey League Cross Country, Lloyd Park, 9 October 2022 15-10-22 
  • Veterans AC 10k track race incorporating Sussex, Surrey, Middx & Herts County Championships Woodcote High School, Purley, 1 October 2022 2-10-22 
  • VAC 10,000m Championships, Battersea Park, 14 September 2022 28-09-22 
  • Tooting Common parkrun, Saturday 10 September 2022 12-09-22 
  • VAC Battersea Park Grand Prix, Summer Race Series 2022 26-08-22 
  • Veterans AC 5 Mile Road Race and Race Walk, Battersea Park, 2 August 2022 8-08-22 
  • England Masters Athletics Association Inter-Area Challenge, Nuneaton, 31 July 2022 23-08-22 
  • VAC 5,000m Championships, Wimbledon Park, 27 July 2022 9-08-22 
  • Veterans AC 5k Road Race and Race Walk, Battersea Park, 12 July 2022 15-07-22
  • World Masters Athletics Championships, Tampere, Finland 29 June-10 July 2022 24-01-23

British Masters 5km Road Championships, Battersea Park, 4 December 2022

The start, featuring race winner, Andrew Davies (24) and VAC's Simon Baines (66), first M50

Elizabeth Renondeau, 1st woman                                        
Zoe Doyle, 1st VAC

Chris Loudon (13)                                                                   
Roger Beardsworth

Peter Giles M75                                                                        
Andrew Haig M75

Clare Elms, 1st W55                                                               
Karen Hancock, Avril Riddell

Photos from Cliff Hide.

Cliff has more photos available for download at this link:  Photos of BMAF 5k Dec 2022. Please give credit to Cliff Hide if any of the photos are shared on social media.

VAC was pleased to host this national event on our flat, fast, 5km course in Battersea Park. The day was cold but the conditions were good. The race attracted a large entry, including some of the best Masters’ road runners in Britain. 78 VAC members were amongst the 180 finishers.

There was some fine racing with the top 15 finishers inside 16 minutes. Six of them were VAC members. Andrew Davies (M40) of Stockport Harriers was the clear race winner in a time of 15:01, pursued by Jack Nixon (M35) of St Edmund Pacers finishing eleven seconds behind in 15:12. Two VAC members, Chris Loudon (M35) and Mike Cummings (M35), followed closely in third and fourth places. VAC’s fastest woman was Zoe Doyle (W40), the second woman in the race. Her time of 17:57 was only seven seconds behind that of the first woman, Elizabeth Renondeau (W40) of Vale Royal who posted 17:50.

Well done to the following VAC members who won Gold medals against fierce competition in the age groups: Gina Galbraith (W45), Simon Baines (M50), Julie Backley (W50), Clare Elms (W55), Jo Quantrill (W65), David Oxland (M70) and Peter Giles (M75). Clare Elms also achieved the top age-graded performance in the race with a magnificent percentage of 98.1%.

Here are the Full Individual Results

Here are the Age Group and Team Results

British Masters and VAC 10 Mile Road Championships, Cyclopark, Gravesend, 27 November 2022

Simon Baines (25), 1st VAC                                                          
Penny Wilkins, W60 Gold

Maggie Statham-Berry, Penny Wilkins, Claire Morgan, Sarah Knox

Andrew Bowles (37)                                                                             
Fiona Bishop

Photos by Anna Garnier

Twenty five VAC members contested the British Masters 10 Mile Championships on Cyclopark's challenging cycle circuit. The event was also VAC's 10 mile championships. The clouds were dark and low but the runners were spared the forecast heavy rain and were able to complete six laps of the tortuous circuit with only the hills to contend with.

Simon Baines (M50) was VAC's first finisher in a time of 54:27. He was a magnificent second in the race, only seven seconds behind a youngster in the M35 age group. Simon won the M50 BMAF Gold medal. Andy Bond (M45) was VAC's next finisher, placing fourth in the race. Penny Wilkins (W60) was VAC's first woman in a great time of 76:53, winning the BMAF and VAC W60 Gold medals. Next was Catherine Ulliott (W55) in 79:47, claiming BMAF Silver and VAC Gold. Other BMAF Golds were won by Jon Cross (M65) and Maggie Statham-Berry (W65). It was pleasing that a team of VAC first-claimers got together and with some down-ageing made up an M35-44 team which won the Silver medal in the team competition. Well done to team members, Ryan Cunningham, Matthew Trebble and Andrew Bowles.

Every year, the Ron White shield is awarded to the VAC member who gains the highest age-graded score in VAC's 10 Mile or Half Marathon Championships. This year the winner was Simon Baines whose performance at Cyclopark translated to an amazing age-graded percentage of 91.22%. This was the highest in the whole race. Andy Bond achieved the next best score of 87.42%, followed by Jon Cross at 86.75%. Maggie Statham-Berry was fourth on VAC's list, and the highest placed woman, with 84.45%, closely followed by Penny Wilkins with 84.04%.

Here are the full results of the British Masters 10 Mile Championships.

British Masters 10 Mile Championships: VAC Results
Position VAC Member Time VAC Pos. BMAF medal Age Grade First Claim Club
2 Simon Baines 54:27 M50-1 M50 Gold 91.22 Thames Hare & Hounds
4 Andy Bond 55:51 M45-1 M45 Silver 87.42 Dulwich Runners
11 Paul Cheetham 58:42 M50-2 M50 Silver 83.89 Thames Hare & Hounds
15 Stuart Beaney 1:01:06 M45-2 79.91 Kent AC
17 Alastair Bloore 1:01:40 M55-1 M55 Bronze 84.19 Epsom & Ewell Harriers
18 Ryan Cunnungham 1:02:04 M40-1 73.65 Veterans AC
27 Matthew Trebble 1:04:57 M50-3 75.82 Veterans AC
28 Bryan Camfield 1:05:04 M55-2 80.51 Horsham Joggers
29 Jon Cross 1:05:09 M65-1 M65 Gold 86.75 Hart Road Runners
36 Andrew Bowles 1:06:31 M55-3 77.35 Veterans AC
40 Tim Grose 1:08:16 M55-4 76.05 Walton AC
56 Dean Saliba 1:15:53 M40-2 61.71 Veterans AC
58 Ian Kitching 1:16:37 M70-1 M70 Silver 78.49 South London Harriers
61 Penny Wilkins 1:16:53 W60-1 W60 Gold 84.04 South London Harriers
67 Catherine Ulliott 1:19:47 W55-1 W55 Silver 78.82 Brighton & Hove AC
70 Peter Giles 1:20:28 M75-1 M75 Silver 83.58 Hercules Wimbledon
72 Tom Ulliott 1:21:38 M65-2 69.93 Brighton & Hove AC
76 Barbro Julin 1:25:47 W60-2 W60 Silver 74.30 Ealing Southall & Midd.
77 Maggie Statham-Berry 1:25:58 W65-1 W65 Gold 84.45 Lingfield RC
80 Sarah Knox 1:29:16 W50-1 64.41 Victoria Park H & TH
81 Claire Morgan 1:29:42 W60-3 W60 Bronze 71.05 Wimbledon Windmilers
84 Fiona Bishop 1:31:28 W60-4 72.64 Woking AC
86 Edward Thorpe 1:33:39 M75-2 M75 Bronze 71.82 Reading Roadrunners
89 Launa Broadley 1:38:03 W55-2 60.88 Ilford AC
91 Robert Sargent 1:40:30 M65-3 57.95 Ilford AC

Ladies Surrey League Cross Country, Oxshott Woods, 12 November 2022 

VAC's women's team (photo by Malcolm Davies)

Lucy Woolhouse
 Helen Davies

Ros Tabor
 Pippa Major

Sarah Knox  Penelope Cummings

Photos from Cliff Hide. Cliff has more photos and is happy to supply J-Peg copies to competitors.
Email him at 

Nine VAC women raced at Oxshott Woods on a tricky course which had a mix of narrow trails and a huge hill, with lots of hazardous tree roots. Lucy Woolhouse was again VAC’s first finisher, 27th in the race out of 256 finishers. Helen Davies was next, followed by Pippa Major making her debut for VAC in the Surrey League. Jo Quantrill and Sarah Knox completed the scoring team. Sarah Allen, Penelope Cummings, Viv Mitchell and Ros Tabor formed a scoring “B” team. VAC's "A" team finished a magnificent 9th out of the 28 clubs in Division Two. Lucy Woolhouse topped the W60+ age group competition, with Jo Quantrill as the leading W65 in the listing. Overall, after two matches, the Ladies “A” team is in 11th position.

The full results are on the Surrey League website

VAC Placings, Division Two, Oxshott Woods
Pos. Time Name Age Group
27 25:53 Lucy Woolhouse W60
37 26:23 Helen Davies W50
59 27:30 Pippa Major W55
89 29:08 Jo Quantrill W65
121 31:14 Sarah Knox W50
150 32:58 Sarah Allen W55
151 33:06 Penelope Cummings W45
157 33:13 Viv Mitchell W60
172 34:21 Ros Tabor W70
256 finishers
Division Two "A" Team Results at Oxshott
1 Ful-on Tri 79
2 Wimbledon Windmilers 132
3 Reigate 153
4 Woking 161
5 West 4 Harriers 194
6 Windrush 224
7 Striders of Croydon 235
8 Kingston & Poly 250
9 VAC 333
10 DMV 353
11 Collingwood 371
12 Tri-Surrey 436
Plus a further 16 "A" teams

Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Oxshott Woods, 12 November 2022

VAC's men's team with Team Manager, Paddy Clark (photo by Martin Berry)

Clive Rolfe
 Bruce McLaren

Glen Morgan, Mike Mann
  Martin Evans

Dave West
 Clive Walker

Photos from Cliff Hide. Cliff has more photos and is happy to supply J-Peg copies to competitors.
Email him at 

A great turn-out of 18 VAC men tackled a challenging five mile course which included three times up a very steep hill crossed by huge tree roots. John Foley and Richard Batchelor again were VAC’s first and second placers, followed by newcomer Clive Rolfe, then Richard Tweddle, all in the top 50. VAC's "A" team of ten scorers finished a magnificent 4th out of the 14 clubs in Division Four. The "B" team also excelled in 2nd place in the "B" team competition. Overall, after two matches, VAC is in 7th place. In the Division’s Age Group rankings, John Foley and Richard Tweddle top the M50-59  and M60+ competitions.

The full results are on the Surrey League website

VAC Placings, Division Four, Oxshott Woods
Pos. Time Name Age Group
11 34:41 John Foley M55
19 35:28 Richard Batchelor M45
45 38:03 Clive Rolfe M45
46 38:08 Richard Tweddle M60
57 39:04 Vic Maughn M60
63 39:44 Bruce McLaren M55
86 42:05 Duncan Rimmer M45
90 44:40 Hugh Balfour M60
121 45:36 Chris Lee M60
124 45:57 Mike Mann M70
128 46:38 Dave West M60
130 46:45 Glen Morgan M60
134 47:25 Andy Mitchelson M50
135 47:28 Clive Walker M60
142 49:07 Gary Budinger M60
144 50:24 Andy Murray M65
145 50:26 Martin Evans M70
153 54:03 Dan Maskell M70
165 finishers (328 in combined race)
Division Four Team Results at Oxshott
1 Elmbridge 242
2 Tadworth 328
3 Ful-on Tri 425
4 VAC 621
5 Tri Surrey 684
6 Runnymede 693
7 Windrush 716
8 Dulwich Park Runners 726
9 Lingfield Running Club 767
10 Collingwood 797
11 Horley Harriers 799
12 Epsom Oddballs 866
13 British Airways 1086
14 Chessington Unity RC 1120

VAC 7 mile road walk championships, Enfield, 12 November 2022 

VAC 7 mile road walk championships
12 November 2022
King George V Playing Fields, Enfield
Category B
The event was held in conjunction with Enfield & Haringey AC’s 7 Mile Open race, now in its 95th edition, in idyllic conditions, and now takes the name of Bernie Hercock, who was a long-time VAC member and prolific racer. His grandson, Daniel Saunders, acted as Starter.
There were 26 in total on the start line, down from 2021.
The VAC contingent was strongly led home by Dave Annetts of N.Herts RR (2nd man), and Emma Dyos led for the ladies (4th lady).
VAC are grateful to the Enfield League organiser, Ron Wallwork, for allowing VAC to incorporate their championships within the Enfield Open 7.

Square brackets denote position in race:
1 David Annetts [2]   (N.Herts RR)       55.10

1 John Arthur [7] (Ilford AC) 72.11
2 Stuart Bennett [10] (Ilford AC) 76.47

1 Trevor Jones [5]            (Steyning AC) 65.49

1 Ian Richards [4] (Steyning AC) 63.51

1 Emma Dyos [4] (Ilford AC) 69.15

1 Maureen Noel [5] (Belgrave H) 71.17

1 Fiona Bishop [6] (EHAC) 76.49
2 Lesley Morris [8] (Ilford AC) 79.58

In addition there were partial completions from:
W60 Shaheda Arthur (Ilford AC) 56.45 4 miles
M70 David Hoben (Surrey WC) 74.25 6 miles
M75 Christopher Flint (Surrey WC) 75.29 6 miles

Loughton AC George Richardson Inter Club Vets Cross Country, Loughton, 5 November 2022

David Hinds, Patricia Thomas

Here are the Individual and Team Results.

VAC was invited to send a team to the annual inter-club Masters cross country race promoted by Loughton AC at the Roding Valley recreation ground. The event attracted 117 finishers on the five mile course on a very wet day. VAC was represented by three members, David Hinds, Tony Pamphilon and Patricia Thomas. Tony was 25th overall and the first in the M60 age category. Patricia was the first W55 and. David was second M70.

Ladies Surrey League Cross Country, Priory Park, 15 October 2022

Sarah Allen, Helen Davies, Lucy Woolhouse, Sarah Knox, Jo Quantrill, Ros Tabor (photo by Martin Berry)

Sarah Knox (2306) on the steep descent
 (photo by Malcolm Davies)

Lucy Woolhouse
 Helen Davies

Penelope Cummings
 Sarah Allen

Ros Tabor
 Jo Quantrill

Photos from Cliff Hide. Cliff has more photos and is happy to supply J-Peg copies to competitors.
Email him at

The full results are on the  Surrey League website

A full VAC Ladies team made a splendid return to the Surrey League after an absence of at least ten years. Seven women lined up in Reigate's scenic Priory Park to tackle the hilly 6k, two-lap, course. Lucy Woolhouse was VAC's first finisher in a fine 28th place and also topped the Division's 60+ age group rankings. Team Manager, Helen Davies (W50), was next, followed by Jo Quantrill who was the first W65 in the race. Sarah Knox and Penelope Cummings completed the scoring team, with Ros Tabor and Sarah Allen providing great back-up. VAC's "A" team finished a creditable 13th out of the 26 clubs in Division 2.

VAC Placings, Ladies Division Two, Priory Park
Pos. Time Name Age Group
28 28:56 Lucy Woolhouse W60
42 29:45 Helen Davies W50
68 31:40 Jo Quantrill W65
120 35:10 Sarah Knox W50
137 36:40 Penelope Cummings W45
139 36:52 Ros Tabor W70
140 36:55 Sarah Allen W55
211 finishers

Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Priory Park, 15 October 2022

John Foley
 Richard Batchelor

Richard Tweddle
 Hugh Balfour

John Barron
 Andy Murray

Above photos from Cliff Hide. Cliff has more photos and is happy to supply J-Peg copies to competitors.
Email him at

The full results are on the  Surrey League website

VAC's eleven men tackled the 5-mile course at Reigate's Priory Park which had firm ground but testing hills and tricky descents. The team's lead man was John Foley (M55) making his debut for VAC and finishing in 12th place in Division 4. Richard Batchelor (M45) was next, followed by Richard Tweddle (M60), both making welcome returns to VAC's team after long periods away. Another newcomer, Hugh Balfour (M65) was VAC's fourth man. John Barron's sprint finish secured fifth, backed up by the others fighting for every place. John Foley, Richard Tweddle and Hugh Balfour also topped the race's M55, M60 and M65 age groups. Although VAC's team was missing some of the regular runners, we finished a commendable ninth in the Division.

Pos. Time Name Age Group
12 34:30 John Foley M55
17 35:20 Richard Batchelor M45
38 37:06 Richard Tweddle M60
70 40:30 Hugh Balfour M65
83 41:57 John Barron M65
100 44:37 Graham Laylee M65
103 45:19 Dave West M60
107 46:16 Andy Mitchelson M50
118 47:43 Gary Budinger M60
125 48:54 Andy Murray M65
131 53:23 Dan Maskell M70
136 finishers (271 in combined race)
Division Four Team Results at Priory Park
1 Tadworth 258
2 Tri Surrey 404
3 Ful-on Tri 463
4 Dulwich Park Runners 551
5 Lingfield Running Club 553
6 Horley Harriers 627
7 British Airways 673.5
8 Elmbridge 683.5
9 VAC 715
10 Runnymede 819.5
11 Collingwood 840
12 Chessington Unity RC 1033
13 Windrush 1081.5
14 Epsom Oddballs 1168

East Surrey League Cross Country, Lloyd Park, 9 October 2022

Some of VAC's team: David O, Chris N, Anna C, Dave W, Gary B, Mike M, Gavin E, John F and David H

Here are the  results of the East Surrey League, 9 October 2022

Twelve finished for VAC in a well-supported East Surrey League match at Lloyd Park in pleasant conditions. The 5-mile, two lap, course was firm at this time of year. First home was Chris Ness in 32:16, placing him in 20th position, and second M50. Then came David Ogden (M60) in 32:45 in 23rd and Gavin Englefield (M45) in 33:08 in 25th position. VAC's only woman, Anna Critchlow (W50), had a fine run to finish third woman in 34:04. The men's team were fifth out of the six clubs, a good result in a strong field.

Veterans AC 10k track race incorporating Sussex, Surrey, Middx & Herts County Championships Woodcote High School, Purley, 1 October 2022

The annual VAC and Counties championships took place in good racing conditions on a picture perfect October afternoon, with a modest breeze.
With 18 paid entries this was the highest number of entries since 2011, in addition there was an entry from a relatively new Blackheath & Bromley junior who had a shot at the mile distance. This was in spite of a train strike which wiped out Middlesex County entries, and no doubt contributed to two regulars missing the race due to impossible traffic.
Dave Annetts from N Herts RR had an excellent win and also won the Herts champs for the fourth time; similarly Melanie Peddle (Loughton) added to her list of wins as the overall ladies’ winner. In addition both Dave and Melanie had competed in a French international race only the week before.
Ever presents Penelope Cummings (Herne Hill Harriers) and Fiona Bishop (Woking AC) received gold and silver medals for Surrey County respectively, while Glen Keegan (also Herne Hill Harriers) obtained gold for Surrey in his first 10k on the track for some time.
Paul Gaston (Surrey Walking Club) was presented with an award for Sussex.
VAC were pleased to welcome a new name, Wai Tak Cheung from Stubbington Green Runners, who finished second place overall with a really good time about one lap behind Dave Annetts.
VAC are indebted as always to the team of officials and judges for this event to take place, who appear below.

Permit No: RWA22045-1 Categories A & B
1 Melanie Peddle W50 Loughton AC 58:01.8 N/A
2 Penelope Cummings W45 AFD/VAC [1] 1:07:20.5 Surrey
3 Fiona Bishop W60 Woking AC/VAC [1] 1:10:25.7 Surrey
4 Kathy Smith W55 AFD 1:15:42:0 N/A
Shaheda Arthur W60 Ilford/VAC DNF
Grazia Manzotti W50 Tonbridge AC DNS
1 David Annetts M55 N Herts Road Runners AC/VAC [1] 49:12.9 Herts
2 Wai Tak Cheung M45 Stubbington Green Runners 50:23.6 N/A
3 John Arthur M60 Ilford/VAC [1] 1:06:35.2 N/A
4 Matthew Ellerton M45 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 1:08:55.5 N/A
5 Paul Gaston M75 Surrey Walking Club 1:10:08:2 Sussex
6 Glen Keegan M55 Herne Hill Harriers/VAC [2] 1:20:16:2 Surrey
Trevor Jones M65 Steyning AC/VAC DNF
Ronald Penfold M80 Steyning AC/VAC DNF
Christopher Flint M75 Surrey Walking Club/VAC DNS
Peter Hannell M75 Surrey Walking Club/VAC DNS
John Borgars M75 Herts Phoenix DNS
Ian Richards M70 Steyning AC/VAC DQ
Championship results in square brackets
County championships:
D Annetts
P Cummings, F Bishop
G Keegan
P Gaston
Permit No: RWA22045-1 Category B
SRWA 1M development walk


Trejan Checheku-Boamah U13B Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 11:18.9
Judges: Steve Cartwright (Chief), Shaun Lightman, Peter Selby
Starter: Steve Knight
Time keeping: David Harris/Don Turner
Lap recording: Ros Tabor, Nolan Simmons, Carl Lawton, Darren Woods, David Hoben
Judges' runner: Anne Jones
Hospitality: Woodcote High School
Track equipment: South London Harriers

VAC 10,000m Championships, Battersea Park, 14 September 2022 


Andy Bond, Men's Champion
  Gina Galbraith, Women's champion

Start of Race 1, featuring race-winner David Robinson (55)

Start of Race 2, featuring William Stenning (61), Andy Bowen (7) and race winner Gina Galbraith (28)

Start of Race 3, featuring Ben Paviour (49), Simon Baines (2) and race winner Andy Bond (5)

Peter Kennedy, Clare Norris
  Anna Garnier, W65 Gold

Mark Tennyson Peter Hall (32), John Daniel (18)

Photos of Andy Bond, Anna Garnier, Peter Kennedy/Clare Norris and the Start of Race 1 are from Edward Thorpe.

Other photos from Cliff Hide. Cliff has more photos and is happy to supply J-Peg copies to competitors.
Email him at

Here are the results of the 10,000m races.

Here are thecomplete results showing the medallists.

 VAC's 10,000m races attracted 47 contestants to the Millennium Arena in Battersea Park for three seeded races. The warm, pleasant, conditions set the scene for four new Championship Best Performances, one of which broke a record set 37 years ago. 

Andy Bond of Dulwich Runners was VAC's men's Champion, having tracked and then out-kicked Simon Baines in the late stages of the fast race. His time of 33:00.4 set a new M45 record, two seconds ahead of Simon Baines's 2017 mark of 33:02.5. Simon, now in the M50 age group, was second in the race but was rewarded by a fine time of 33:12.22 which knocked nearly eight seconds off Laurie O'Hara's M50 record of 33:20.0 which was set in July 1987 and we thought would last forever.

Gina Galbraith of Hercules Wimbledon was the women's Champion. She was the winner of the second race with a determined, controlled, run, pulling away from a group of five and beating second-placed Andy Bowen by three seconds. Her time of 38:26.91 smashed a long-standing W45 record of 41:08.0 set by Jane Georghiou in September 2000. The last of the four new Championship Best Performances was posted by Anna Garnier whose time of 46:50.81 improved Margaret Moody's 2018 W65 record of 47:31.50.

The first race was won by David Robinson (M45) of Serpentine R.C. In this race, Gold medals were won by Caroline Helder (W60), Anna Garnier (W65), Peter Kennedy (M70) and Eddie Thorpe (M75). Gold medals in the other races were won by Mike Forder (M65), Martin Daoud (M60), Terry Booth (M55), Simon Baines (M50), Andy Bond (M45), Gina Galbraith (W45), Stewart Overton (M40) and Ben Goddard (M35).

Tooting Common parkrun, Saturday 10 September 2022 


VAC parkrunners, left to right: Stephanie, Andy, Jo, Tom, Ros, Mike, Dave, Dennis, Ian S, Ian I, Maggie

VAC parkrunners with the addition of Tony and Penelope (first and second left), Liam (pink jacket) and Graham (second right)

On a fine, warm, morning, a good turnout of seventeen VAC members gathered for the Tooting Common parkrun as part of VAC's visits to parkruns in and around London. VAC member, Liam O'Hare, one of Tooting parkrun's core organising team, was there to greet us. The three-lap, flat, course had some narrow paths but the field spread out quickly and fast times were possible for those who wanted to push on.

Robin Jones was VAC's fastest finisher, and fifth over the line. Jo Quantrill and Ros Tabor set new W65 and W70 age group records for the course. Jo also achieved the highest age-graded performance of the day with 90.09%. VAC members achieved six of the top ten age-graded performances on the day.

Name Time Age Group Age Grading
Robin Jones 18:24 M45 79.53%
Tom Cheetham 20:38 M55 74.47%
Dean Saliba 20:57 M40 66.67%
Graham Laylee 23:26 M65 71.55%
Jo Quantrill 23:33 W65 90.09%
Mike Mann 23:39 M70 78.79%
Ian Sesnan 24:21 M65 68.86%
Dave West 25:31 M60 65.12%
Maggie Statham-Berry 25:39 W65 85.38%
Karen Hancock 25:57 W65 81.76%
Ros Tabor 26:20 W70 88.92%
Penelope Cummings 26:24 W45 60.73%
Tony Austin 26:47 M65 63.78%
Andy Murray 27:25 M65 63.59%
Stephanie Burchill 32:07 W65 65.08%
Dennis Williams 40:03 (Walk) M75
Ian Isherwood 44:29 (Walk) M70
(480 finishers)

VAC Battersea Park Grand Prix, Summer Race Series 2022

Anna Garnier, Grand Prix winner
  Anna Critchlow, 2nd place

Photos by Cliff Hide

Twenty VAC members qualified for the 2022 Grand Prix. To be eligible, members needed to register times in at least three of VAC's four 5km/5 mile road races in the 2022 series in Battersea Park. Each year, the person with the highest average of his or her three best age-graded performances is awarded the Snow Cup, a beautiful trophy which dates to 1950.

Congratulations to Anna Garnier (W65) the worthy winner of the 2022 competition with an excellent average age grading of 90.6%. Anna's best performance was in the 5km race in April for which her time of 22:06 achieved an age-graded score of 91.5% of the world's best 5k time for her age. Anna Critchlow (W50) was second in the Grand Prix with an average of 89.4% followed by Lucy Woolhouse (W60) with 88.5%. Terry Booth (M55), in fourth, was the highest placed man with 87.7%, followed by Mark Tennyson (M55), a close fifth with 87.2%.

The following six members are commended for competing in all four races: Tom Cheetham, Anna Critchlow, Alan Davidson, Martin Daoud, Robin Jones and Mark Tennyson.

Thanks go to all the VAC members and open runners who competed in the races over the summer. The series resumes in April 2023.

League Table, Battersea Park Road Race Grand Prix 2022
Pos. VAC Member's Name Age-graded %* Age Grp. Club
Avg. best 3 races
1 Anna Garnier 90.6% W65 Hercules Wimbledon
2 Anna Critchlow 89.4% W50 West 4 Harriers
3 Lucy Woolhouse 88.5% W60 VAC
4 Terry Booth 87.7% M55 Guildford & Godalming AC
5 Mark Tennyson 87.2% M55 Guildford & Godalming AC
6 Penny Elliott 85.5% W75 Waverley Harriers
7 Robin Jones 82.8% M45 Herne Hill Harriers
8 Martin Daoud 81.2% M55 Ealing Southall & Midd.
9 Pippa Major 80.8% W55 South London Harriers
10 Andy Bowen 79.0% M55 West 4 Harriers
11 Michael Johnson 78.6% M80 Thames Hare & Hounds
12 Michael Mann 76.7% M70 Dulwich Runners
13 Tom Cheetham 74.2% M55 Hercules Wimbledon
14 Ian McCarthy 69.3% M65 Cambridge Harriers
15 Dave West 64.9% M60 Dulwich Runners
16 Dean Saliba 62.7% M40 Victoria Park & TH AC
17 Edward Skinner 62.1% M65 Tiptree
18 Robert Sargent 58.3% M65 Ilford AC
19 Alan Davidson 57.9% M75 Liss Runners
20 Peter Torre 57.6% M80 VAC
* Age grading based on actual age, using World Masters Athletics Road age-grading calculator 2020.

Veterans AC 5 Mile Road Race and Race Walk, Battersea Park, 2 August 2022

Louis Taub, Road Race Winner
  Jonathan Ellerton, Race Walk Winner

Will Pitt, 2nd place
  Penny Elliott, W75

Fiona Bishop, W60 walker
  Jonathan and Matthew Ellerton

Photos by Maggie Statham-Berry

Here are the  Results of the 5 Mile Road Race

Road Race report
Hot conditions reduced the numbers starting and affected the times achieved. The winner was Louis Taub (M45) from Brighton & Hove AC in 28:31, running strongly to hold off VAC's Will Pitt (M50) by 14 seconds. VAC's Robin Jones (M45) was third in 29:05. Jonathan Ratcliffe (M55) and William Fradley (M40) were the other sub-30 minute performers. Joe Aspinall (M80) made a welcome return to the 5 mile distance after three years, comfortably ahead of fellow-M80, Peter Torre.

The women's winner was Anna Critchlow (W50) in 9th place overall with a commendable time of 31:52. Jane Fabes (W65) of Abingdon AC posted a similarly admirable time of 37:48 to finish as the third woman.

Race Walk report
The fourth and last of the regular Battersea Park races had a reasonable field in the continuing hot weather, with some breeze and less humid than the previous race in the series.

The course was 5 miles to end the season.

The men's winner was Jonny Ellerton, from Blackheath & Bromley, who had done the 5k at Battersea Park the previous year, and also achieved a personal best, with plenty to look forward to in the future, in addition he also does hurdles amongst other things when not race walking.

Maureen Noel (Belgrave) came first for the ladies in her usual creditable time.

Matt Ellerton, also Blackheath & Bromley, posted a respectable time in his first attempt at 5 miles.

It was good to see Stuart Bennett (Ilford) back after a layoff due to injury and VAC hope he will return to form in the not too distant future.

Veterans AC 5M Race Walk - Battersea Park, 2 August 2022
RWA Permit No RWA22025-4
Category B
Place Name Age Group Club Time
1 Jonathan Ellerton U17M Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 47:08
2 Steve Bishop M60 Veterans AC 50:08
3 Maureen Noel W55 Belgrave Harriers/Veterans AC 52:50
4 Stuart Bennett M60 Ilford AC/Veterans AC 53:06
5 Fiona Bishop W60 Woking AC/Veterans AC 54:06
6 Matthew Ellerton M45 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 55:35
7 Lesley Morris W60 Ilford AC/Veterans AC 57:04
8 David Hoben M65 SyWC/Veterans AC 1:02:29
9 Christopher Flint M75 SyWC/Veterans AC 1:02:52
10 Peter Hannell M75 SyWC/Veterans AC 1:06:03
Kathy Crilley W70 SyWC/Veterans AC DNS

Race Director and Starter: Ben Noad
Clerk of Course: Dennis Williams
UKA Adjudicator: Malcolm French
Timekeepers: David Harris, Helen Davies
Recorders: Ian Isherwood, Carl Lawton, Maggie Statham-Berry and Ros Tabor
Walk Judge: Mark Culshaw
Registration: Maggie Statham-Berry, Ros Tabor and David Hoben
Marshals: Martin Berry, Peter Hall, Tony Harran, Andy Murray, Richard Stansfield and Lucy Woolhouse
Lead Bike: Henry Murdoch
Results: Ben Noad
Photography: Maggie Statham-Berry
First Aid: Bespoke Medics Ltd

England Masters Athletics Association Inter-Area Challenge, Nuneaton, 31 July 2022

W50 Relay Team: Anna Garnier, Helen Davies, Rachel Berry, Lucy Woolhouse

David Hines, 200m 1st
  Fiona Bishop, 2K Walk, 2nd

Helen and Malcolm Davies, 3 events each
  Richard Jenkin, Peter Kennedy, 800m 2nd places

Photos by Maggie Statham-Berry

Thirty six members made the trip to Nuneaton to represent VAC in the prestigious Inter Area challenge for the UK's Masters area clubs. Every place counted for a point in the eight track races and eight field events for each gender in various age groups, followed by relays. Team spirit was high and many members doubled up and some stepped into less familiar events, which added to the fun. VAC was sixth overall but it was close. In the men's match another twenty points would have elevated the team from sixth to third.

A particular highlight was the Championship Best Performance of 10.58:21 achieved by Sue McDonald in first place in the W50 3,000m. There were six other individual first places including two by Zoe Doyle (W35 800m and 1500m). Other firsts were David Hinds (M70 200m), Robert Datnow (M50 800m), Dave Annetts (M35 2k Walk) and Stacey Gonzalez-Betancourt (W35 Pole vault). In addition, there were 17 second places and 7 third places.

Here are the final  Results of the 2022 Masters Inter Area Outdoor T&F Challenge  .

VAC 5,000m Championships, Wimbledon Park, 27 July 2022

Race 1 with race winner Andy Mitchelson (50) in the lead

Race 2 with race winner Jonathan Whittaker (76) in the lead

Race 3: Satnam Singh, Rob Marcus, Gina Galbraith, Andy Bowen, Julie Backley, Anna Critchlow,
Peter Robertson, Ben Gilmore, Kate Carter

Race 4 with men's champion Richard McDowell (46) leading the way

Richard McDowell, men's winner
  Gina Galbraith, women's winner

Action photos by Edward Thorpe. Others by Maggie Statham-Berry

Here are the  Combined Results showing the medallists.

A pleasant evening at Wimbledon was appreciated but was maybe a little too warm for high intensity racing over 12.5 laps. Nevertheless, there were some fine performances in the four seeded races, with 54 people taking part.

Andy Mitchelson (M50) won the first race of 15 starters in a time of 22:50.22. He was pushed all the way by Mike Mann (M70) in 22:59.42, with Rhiannon Needham (W40) in third place in 23:10.87, only five seconds off her PB. It was good to see Alan Rich making a welcome return to track racing after a long absence. Jonathan Whittaker (M40) won the second race in 18:42.99. There was a close battle for the second and third placings with Martin Daoud (M55) (19:58.46) just edging Helen Pool (W45) (19:59.75) by one second.

The third race featured the women's winner, Gina Galbraith (W45), posting a fine time of 18:17.52 to win the W45 Gold medal. She was second behind race winner, Chris Ness (M50) (17:53.25). Richard McDowell (M40) won the fourth, fastest, race and retained his title of VAC Men's 5,000m Champion, as well as winning M40 Gold. His time of 15:44.54 had a margin of 16 seconds over Andy Bond who pursued him relentlessly throughout the race, winning M45 Gold.

Other Championship Gold medals were awarded to Ben Goddard (M35), Will Pitt (M50), Terry Booth (M55), David Ogden (M60), Dave Watson (M65), Mike Mann (M70) and Edward Thorpe (M75).

For the women, Anna Critchlow was VAC's first women and won the Champion's trophy as well as the W50 Gold medal. Other Golds were awarded to Claire Curtin (W40), Nicky Atkins (W55), Lucy Woolhouse (W60) and Pauline Rich (W75).

Veterans AC 5k Road Race and Race Walk, Battersea Park, 12 July 2022

Anna Garnier, VAC President, presents the championship medals.

Rich Berry, VAC Men's Champion  Karima Harris, Women's Champion

Lucy Woolhouse, W60 Gold
  Michael Johnson, M80 Gold

Photos by Lisa Thomas

A hot, sultry, evening adversely affected the turn-out and the times achieved. Barnaby Day (M35) of Kent AC was the race winner in 16:23, comfortably ahead of Micah Evans (M40) in 16:39. The first VAC members had a fine contest for 6th, 7th and 8th places with Rich Berry (M45, 17:20), the first VAC man, just one second ahead of Richard Tomlinson (M50) who was in turn one second ahead of Robin Jones (M45). Terry Booth was not far behind in 17:34, taking the M55 Gold medal. Other age-group first places were claimed by John Barron (M65), Mike Mann (M70), Michael Johnson (M80) and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles (M85).

Karima Harris (W50) had a splendid win in the women's race, achieving a PB of 18:49, only four seconds short of the W50 course record set by Anna Critchlow in 2021. Anna herself was second in 19:14 followed by Kate Carter (W45) in third in 19:38. Age-group firsts were achieved by Pippa Major (W55), Lucy Woolhouse (W60) and Anna Garnier (W65).

Here are the  Results of the 5k Road Race  , showing the medallists.

Here is a link to the final  Results of the 5k Road Race and Race Walk

Race Walk report
The third of the regular Battersea Park races had a reasonable field with excessively hot weather and cloud cover, with some breeze not the best of racing conditions.

The course was 5k which has become popular distance with our members.

The men's winner was Steve Bishop, formerly of Stock Exchange AC.

The ladies winner and second overall was ever present Maureen Noel (Belgrave) in her usual impressive time.

VAC were pleased to have yet another newcomer to the event and to race walking, Nick Fleeman from SCVAC, who recorded a respectable time.

Veterans AC 5K Walk Championships - Battersea Park, 12 July 2022
RWA Permit No RWA22025-3
Category B
Place Name Age Group Club Time Championship position
1 Steve Bishop M60 Veterans AC 30:10.1 1
2 Maureen Noel W55 Belgrave Harriers/Veterans AC 32:16.4 1
3 Peter Watts M70 Swanley AC/SCVAC 32:35.6 1
4 Nicholas Fleeman M60 SCVAC 35:07.4 2
5 David Hoben M65 SyWC/Veterans AC 37:39.9 1
6 Artur Olszewski M40 Veterans AC 37:50.2 1
7 Christopher Flint M75 SyWC/Veterans AC 37:51.6 1
8 Peter Hannell M75 SyWC/Veterans AC 39:53.1 2
Lesley Morris W60 Ilford AC/Veterans AC DNS
Stuart Bennett M60 Ilford AC/Veterans AC DNS

Race Director: Ben Noad
Clerk of Course: Dennis Williams
UKA Adjudicator and Starter: Malcolm French
Timekeeper: Ben Noad
Recorders: Ian Isherwood, Carl Lawton and Colin Harris
Walk Judges: John Hall, Mark Culshaw
Registration: Anna Garnier, Lucy Woolhouse and David Hoben
Marshals: Peter Hall, Tony Harran, Lisa Thomas, Stephanie Burchill and Dennis Williams
Lead Bike: Henry Murdoch
Results: Racing Timing Solutions
Photography: Lisa Thomas
First Aid: Bespoke Medics Ltd

World Masters Athletics Championships, Tampere, Finland 29 June – 10 July 2022

The Shot Put area

Anna Garnier                                                                                   Simon Baines


Usually biennial, this outdoor championship was the first possible since Malaga in 2018.

Tampere is a city a couple of hours north of Helsinki, situated between two lakes. A short river runs between upper and lower lakes and many red brick textile and paper mills were built alongside in the 19th century to use the water power. These are now repurposed as museums, commercial or leisure premises.

The main track was in a riverside city-centre stadium, with a grandstand popular with athletes spectating and waiting for their events. Shot put was from a temporary circle in the nearby park. With all track and field events held in 5 year age groups, other venues in suburbs were in use – an open track for distance races and some trails and fields next to the main exhibition halls for cross country and some throws.

VAC runners put in many fine performances, picking up 26 individual medals, including golds for Susie McLoughlin, Lisa Thomas, Anna Garnier, Paul Hughes and Simon Baines.

VAC Individual World Medal Winners

Category Name Posn Event
W45 Susie McLoughlin 1 400m (Euro record 57.49)
2 100m
3 200m
Lizzie Amos (Susie’s sister) 2 400m
Bea Lafreniere 2 2000m Steeplechase
W55 Lisa Thomas 1 2000m Steeplechase
Virginia Mitchell 3 800m
W65 Anna Garnier 1 1500m
2 6k Cross Country
W70 Anne Nelson 2 100m
2 200m
Emily McMahon 3 80m Hurdles
3 200m Hurdles
W75 Pauline Rich 2 5000m
2 6k Cross Country
3 10k Road
M40 Gavin Stephens 3 200m
3 400m
M50 Simon Baines 1 Half Marathon
M55 Ben Reynolds 3 5000m
David Annetts 2 5000m Walk
M60 Mike Vassiliou 2 400m
M65 Paul Hughes 1 Half marathon 
  2 8k Cross country 
David Elderfield 3 400m
M70 Ian Richards 3 10k Walk Road