Results for January to June 2016

  • VAC members in North Downs Run, Gravesend, on 26 June 2016, incorporating BMAF Trail Running Champs 28-06-16 
  • VAC 5m Battersea Park 14 June 2016 15-06-16 
  • Southwark parkrun 11 June 2016 14-06-16 
  • European Masters Non-Stadia Champs, Monte Gordo, Portugal 20-22 May 2016 29-05-16 
  • VAC 5m Battersea Park 10 May 2016 21-05-16 
  • The Cecil Gittins 10k Track Walk featuring the Veterans AC, Surrey, Herts and Middlesex Championships, 27 April 2016, Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, London SW11 2-05-16 
  • VAC members at Virgin London Marathon, 24 April 2016 25-04-16 
  • Veterans AC 5M Road Race and Race Walk 12 April 2016, Battersea Park, London SW11 13-04-16 
  • Cecil Gittins Memorial Walks, Cyclopark, Gravesend, 9 April 2016  12-04-16 
  • BMAF/VAC 10k champs at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 2 April 2016 9-04-16  
  • BMAF CC Champs, Bath Uni 13 March 2016 29-03-16  
  • VAC’s Overall Result in Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, 2015-2016 Season 15-03-16  
  • VAC in Men's Surrey League, Lloyd Park, 13 February 2016  16-02-16 
  • Finsbury parkrun 6 February 2016 12-02-16 
  • VAC runners in Watford half-marathon 7 February 2016 8-02-16 
  • VAC Cross Country Championships, Wimbledon Common, 23 January 2016 25-01-16 
  • Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Oxshott Woods, 16 January 2016 20-01-16 

VAC members in North Downs Run, from Gravesend, on 26 June 2016, incorporating BMAF Trail Running Champs.

North Downs Run with BMAF Trail Champs; at Lower Bush - The distant trail is just visible a mile away, across the yellow cornfield.

It's steeper than it looks

Group of 9 with Angela Norris (17)

Julian Rendall (1) was Race 2nd and 1st veteran

Photos from Jeremy Hemming - he has many more...

Jeremy has advised us that, following the demise of the imagetogo sites, he is sourcing a new service to be able to continue suppling members with photos. In the meantime you can contact him direct at  

2 Julian Rendall(Ton) 2.01.37
6 Phil Sanders(Kent) 2.10.25
14 Alan Jones(M&M) 2.19.31
18 Dave Cox (WGEL) 2.20.41
29 Adam Baker(Orion H) 2.25.52
32 Jonathan Gardner(Highgate) 2.27.32
38 Martin Cunningham(Petts Wood) 2.29.14
46 Peter Thompson (Walden Tri) 2.32.11
57 Gavin Kitchingham (Orpington RR) 2.35.47
68 Angela Norris(Dulwich R) 2.37.16
72 Fiona Russell(Morn') 2.38.12
89 Catherine Stibbs(Kent) 2.41.39
102 Walter Hill(BMAF) 2.44.56
127 Trevor Edgely(I&I) 2.48.49
163 Bob Fursey (M&M) 2.57.57
171 Ian Marshall(Cam H) 2.58.26
194 Robert Scott(Barnet) 3.03.07
208 Peter Harris (Ely Rs) 3.05.02
233 Liam O'Hare(Barnet) 3.08.58
275 Janice Moorekite(Larkfield) 3.18.34
336 Ellan Iaquaniello(Larkfield) 3.30.02
426 Sarah Marzaioli(Hastings Rs) 3.53.21
475 John Gaade (SCVAC) 4.06.19

Completeness is not assured; list has 23 finished out of 38 entered


VAC 5m Championships, Battersea Park 14 June 2016 

The start

Tom Cheetham, Mike Mann and Peter Giles 66

The 5m Champion, Mohammed Ismail 1st lady Nikki Sturzaker

Race walk - 1st Lady, Penelope Cummings

Photos from Jeremy Hemming

Jeremy has advised us that, following the demise of the imagetogo sites, he is sourcing a new service to be able to continue suppling members with photos. In the meantime you can contact him direct at  

5 mile Run

The Championship race attracted 37 finishers, some of whom were new to the series, which is pleasing. Guests were warmly welcomed. 

The race produced a fine win for Mohammed Ismail who dipped under 27 minutes to rewrite the M35 course record from 27:59 to 26:59. Paul Cheetham placed 2nd in 27:54 to win Gold in the M40 age group, followed by Ian Johnstone in 28:12, taking the M45 Gold. The women’s winner, also with W40 Gold, was Nikki Sturzaker in 34:53. Kate Williams was close behind, coming in at 35:01, taking the W50 Gold, with Carol Jones following in 35:26, with W55 Gold. 

Peter Giles (M70 Gold, 33:28) and Mike Mann (M65 Gold, 33:32) were closely matched with Peter just managing to get the edge on Mike by four seconds in a fine battle to the line. A similar match was repeated between Dennis Williams (M70 Silver) and Doug Milsom (M75 Gold), with Dennis heading Doug by 10 seconds, and both improving on their April times, which were 4 seconds apart. Marion Rayner was comfortably inside 40 minutes to win the W65 Gold in 39:27. Penny Elliott continued her race-by-race improvement and knocked nearly a further minute off last month’s Battersea time to take the W70 Gold in 43:13, ahead of Julia Galea, the first W60 in 43:36. Despite the high humidity, many runners posted faster times than in previous races, notably Richard Pitcairn-Knowles, Ed Bartlett and Peter Torre.

Race Position Time Name Age Group VAC Age Grp Pos. First Claim Club
1 26.59 Mohammed Ismail (M35 record) M35 1 HHH
2 27.54 Paul Cheetham M40 1 Barnes
3 28.12 Ian Johnston M45 1 VAC
4 29.18 Stephen Philcox M50 1 Ilford AC
5 30.04 Len Reilly M50 2 Kent AC
6 31.06 Stephen McDuell (guest) M50 Hercules Wimbledon
7 32.32 Tom Cheetham (guest) M45 Hercules Wimbledon
8 33.28 Peter Giles M70 1 Hercules Wimbledon
9 33.32 Mike Mann M65 1 Dulwich Runners
10 34.15 Peter Hall M55 1 West 4 Harriers
11 34.53 Nikki Sturzaker W40 1 HHH
12 35.01 Kate  Williams W50 1 Kent AC
13 35.09 Jim Brown M65 2 Woking
14 35.26 Carol Jones W55 1 Ealing Southall & Midd
15 36.07 Ronan Alexander M45 2 Ilford AC
16 36.17 Peter Sanders (guest) M45 unattached
17 36.32 Tom  Morris M55 2 Hercules Wimbledon
18 37.40 Andy Murray M60 1 Dulwich Runners
19 38.07 Caroline Helder (guest) W50 Wimbledon Windmilers
20 38.54 Paul Browning M55 3 Beckenham Running Club
21 39.27 Marion Rayner W65 1 West 4 Harriers
22 39.42 Chas Rayner (guest) M65 West 4 Harriers
23 41.20 Dennis Williams M70 2 Hercules Wimbledon
24 41.30 Doug Milsom M75 1 Hillingdon AC
25 43.13 Penny Elliott W70 1 Waverley Harriers
26 43.36 Julia Galea W60 1 Ilford AC
27 44.45 Rob Sargent M60 2 Ilford AC
28 44.50 Karen Samuel (guest) W55 Kent AC
29 44.53 Michael Leigh (guest) M70 Hercules Wimbledon
30 46.05 Rachel Greener (guest) W50 Waverley Harriers
31 46.55 Nicola Chester W35 1 Ilford AC
32 47.57 Doris Gaga W50 2 Ilford AC
33 48.31 Peter Torre M70 3 VAC
34 49.26 Ed Bartlett M70 4 VAC
35 54.15 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M80 1 Sevenoaks AC
36 54.58 Bill O'Connor M70 5 Queens Park Harriers
37 63.11 Kevin Burnett M75 2 Striders of Croydon

5 mile Walk
Veterans AC were pleased to welcome Mike Bushell and cameraman from BBC Breakfast on their revisit to the VAC 5 mile walk championships for the same event in 2008, which Mike Bushell trained for and competed in.
The BBC Breakfast recording was in connection with the filming of Tom Bosworth who has been selected to represent Team GB in the Men’s' 20k walk in the upcoming Rio 2016 Games, and is predicted to have a good placing, having chain sawed his way through a number of British records which had remained undisturbed for years.
An 18 year old Tom Bosworth also raced on the last visit by the BBC eight years ago, and had a short interview at the time, on the present visit Mike Bushell took walkers by surprise with unexpected interviews on the move.
The race was convincingly won by Ian Richards of Steyning AC, who has recently returned from a successful visit to the European Masters Non-Stadia Champs in Portugal with a customary haul of gold medals.
Arthur Thomson from Enfield AC, also a gold medallist in his new age category from the Portugal event also achieved a good time, meanwhile Fiona Bishop of Woking AC, who won team gold in Portugal and Centurions Secretary Chris Flint gradually returned to pre-injury form.

1 Ian Richards (Steyning) M65 [1] 41:05
2 Mark Culshaw (Belgrave) (G) M50 48:14
3 Penelope Cummings (AFD) W40 (G) 48:15
4 Stuart Bennett (Ilford) (G) M55 50:19
5 Maureen Noel (Belgrave) [1] W50 50:26
6 Shaun Lightman (SWC) [1] M70 50:33
7 Dan Maskell (SWC) [2] M65 52:08
8 Peter Ryan (Ilford) M60 [1] 52:27
9 Mick Harran (SWC) [1] M75 52:31
10 Arthur Thomson (Enfield) M80 [1] 52:39
11 Peter Hannell (SWC) [2] M70 53:04
12 Paul King (Belgrave) [3] M65 53:33
13 Chris Flint (SWC) [3] M70 54:41
14 Fiona Bishop (Woking) W55 [1] 54:49
15 Andy Cox (Hillingdon) [1] M60 55:09
16 Geraldine Legon (Bexley)(G) W55 55:56
17 Russell Vroobel (Hillingdon) M55 56:38
18 David Hoben (SWC) M60 [2] 57:43
19= Sean Pender (Enfield) (G) M60 58:27
19= Steve Allen (Ilford) (G) M55 58:27
21 Kathy Crilley (SWC) (G) W65 61:14
22 Dave Delaney (SWC) (G) M70 61:14

Championship results in square brackets

Starter and course set-up: Dennis Williams 
Timekeepers: David Harris,Don Turner
  Ian Isherwood, Tom Richards
Walk Judges: Michael Croft, John Hall
Entries: David Hoben, Maggie Statham 
MarshalsJoe Aspinall, Colin Harris
Drinks station: Martin Berry
Results: Mick Barlow, David Hoben, Maggie Statham
Photography: Jeremy Hemming

Southwark parkrun 11 June 2016

Southwark parkrun: VAC runners (Graham Laylee, Maggie Statham, Richard Pitcairn-Knowles, Jo Quantrill, Peter Ryan, Ros Tabor, Lloyd Bevan, Clare Wyngard, Ian Isherwood, Andy Murray, Martin Garrett, Dennis Williams, Mike Mann) (minus Victoria Buck) 

Photo from Stephanie Burchill

VAC members gathered at Southwark Park, South East London, for our latest “mob match” and get-together on Saturday 11 June, a fine morning with warm temperatures but high humidity. The VAC vests were conspicuous, as fourteen members completed the pleasant, wide, three-lap course on perimeter footpaths, which were just about flat. First home for VAC was Victoria Buck, followed by Lloyd Bevan and Mike Mann, all under 21 minutes. The next VAC contingent of five runners were closely matched and separated by less than a minute. Peter Ryan did a splendid race walk and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles flew the flag in the M80 age group. The results show the class of VAC’s runners. Ten of us topped our age-groups and the best four age-graded performances on the day were achieved by VAC members. Maggie Statham and Ros Tabor also set new W60 and W65 age-category course records.  

VAC at Southwark parkrun (5k): 11 June 2016
Name Time Age Grp Pos. Age Grading Age graded position First Claim Club
Victoria Buck 20.04 1ST W40 77.24 7 Kent AC
Lloyd Bevan 20.26 1ST M50 73.33 14 Serpentine RC
Mike Mann 20.50 1ST M65 82.00 4 Dulwich Runners
Maggie Statham 21.45 1ST W60 91.80 2 Holland Sports AC
Andy Murray 21.54 1ST M60 75.19 12 Dulwich Runners
Graham Laylee 21.58 1ST M55 72.38 16 Dulwich Runners
Ros Tabor 22.05 1ST W65 94.64 1 Dulwich Runners
Jo Quantrill 22.21 2ND W60 86.80 3 SLH
Clare Wyngard 23.14 1ST W55 76.90 8 Dulwich Runners
Martin Garrett 23.56 4TH M60 68.18 32 Sudbury Court RC
Dennis Williams 24.48 1ST M70 71.10 19 Hercules Wimbledon
Peter Ryan (Walker) 30.48 7TH M60 52.98 142 Ilford AC
Richard Pitcairn-Knowles 32.13 1ST M80 70.72 21 Sevenoaks AC
Ian Isherwood 32.31 8TH M60 50.64 151 Hercules Wimbledon


European Masters Non-Stadia Champs, Monte Gordo, Portugal 20-22 May 2016

Clare Elms and Ros Tabor in the cross country relays

These championships are held every two years and comprise 10k and half marathon road runs, 10k and 20k (women) and 30k (men) road walks, and cross country relays (teams of 3). Medals are awarded to individuals and teams in 5 year age groups. 

The 10k (Friday) and Half-Marathon (Sunday) road races were flat, two laps up and down the road passing the Monte Gordo beachfront and forested area leading to Villa Real de San Antonio. The half marathon course went further into VRSA and had extra side loops around a track and up and down side roads. The weather was very warm for the 10k on the Friday evening, especially for the women, running first. Cross country relays were held early on the Saturday on a 2k loop following an undulating forest trail, returning on a flat gravelly footpath alongside the road courses.

Monte Gordo, whilst quiet, has many hotels and cafes on the (extensive sandy) beach and nearby streets, so it was easy to socialise with GB and other nations’ runners between races. The area (Eastern Algarve) is used as a base for warm weather training by many GB groups, including Track and Field Tours, who have an early November trip culminating in the Guadiana 17k race across the suspension bridge from Spain to Portugal.

The GB team of 98 competitors achieved fourth place overall with 19 gold, 14 silver and 14 bronze medals, proportionate to their team size second only to Germany. More than half of the team came home with a medal.

20 VAC members took part, 12 of whom were medallists.



Ian Richards (M65)         54:41             gold                team gold

Arthur Thomson (M80) 64:59              gold                team gold

David Kates (M65)         65:56                                    team gold

Ronald Penfold (M70)   67:16

Fiona Bishop (W55)       69:55        


Tony Tuohy (M50) 37:37

Clare Elms (W50) 40:28                  bronze           team gold

Steve Smythe (M55) 40:37                                    team silver

Lisa Webb (W50) 43:26                                        team gold

Alan Roberts (M50) 44:03

Ros Tabor (W65) 45:52                 bronze             team gold

Andy Murray (M60) 47:47

Edward Skinner (M60) 49:09

Pauline Rich (W70) 56:04                                   team gold

Rob Sargent (M60) 56:27

Pat Cummins (W75)   65:55           bronze           team gold


Fiona Bishop (W55) 2:31:24                                team gold


Ian Richards (M65) 3:01:55        gold                team gold

David Kates (M65) 3:37:43                                  team gold


Colin Brett (M50) 84:55

Tony Tuohy (M50) 87:19

Clare Elms (W50) 87:35   silver                           team bronze    

Steve Smythe (M55) 89:01

Alan Roberts (M50) 1:41:40

Ros Tabor (W65) 1:42:43            bronze               team silver

Andy Murray (M60) 1:45:33

Heather Martingell (W50) 1:48:05                      team bronze



Team total times only available. Runners were selected in GB teams of own age group or younger.

Women 3x2k

W50 1st Team 26:23, including Clare Elms

W65 1st team 27:41, including Ros Tabor

W35 6th team 28:58, including Pat Cummins

W40 4th team 32:44, including Heather Martingell

W55 4th team 34:27, including Pauline Rich, Fiona Bishop

Men 60+ 3x2k

M60 (GB B) 6th team 27:07, including Andy Murray

M70 (GB B) 6th team 42:47, including Arthur Kimber

Men 35-59 3x4k

M50 5th team 49:27, including Colin Brett, Tony Tuohy

M55 (GB B) 5th team 59:41, including Steve Smythe

M45 6th team 64:07, including Alan Roberts


VAC 5m Battersea Park 10 May 2016

Gavin Mackay, winner Dave Cox, second

Lloyd Bevan, third Paul Browning, fifth

Ann Bath, first lady Penny Elliott, second lady

Photos from Jeremy Hemming

Jeremy has advised us that, following the demise of the imagetogo sites, he is sourcing a new service to be able to continue suppling members with photos. In the meantime you can contact him direct at 

5 mile Run 
Race Position Time Name Age Group Age Grp Pos. First Claim Club
1 29:32 Gavin Mackay M45 1 Petts Wood Runners
2 29:36 Dave Cox M60 1 Woodford Green with EL
3 33:54 Lloyd Bevan M50 1 Serpentine RC
4 36:58 Peter Sanders (Guest) M45 1 Unattached
5 37:48 Paul Browning M55 1 Beckenham RC
6 40:37 Colin Harris (Guest) M60 2 Wimbledon Windmilers
7 42:02 Dennis Williams M70 1 Hercules Wimbledon
8 43:02 Cliff Collins M75 1 VAC
9 43:28 Ann Bath W65 1 26.2 Road Runners
10 44:04 Penny Elliott W70 1 Waverley Harriers
11 49:25 Nigel Goodwin M60 3 Herne Hill Harriers
12 49:35 Peter Torre M70 2 VAC
13 50:41 Christine Munden (Guest) W45 1 Thames Valley Harriers
14 50:50 Ed Bartlett M70 3 VAC
15 58:02 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M80 1 Sevenoaks AC
Most runners felt the humidity and reported slower times than April. Exceptions are notable. Gavin Mackay stormed through in the final straight to win the race by four seconds in a time of 29:32, exactly one minute quicker than in April's race. Dave Cox, having led for most of the race, was second in an excellent time of 29:36, tantalisingly close to Gareth Jones's long standing M60 course record of 29:23 set in 2007. Penny Elliott in her welcome return to racing, knocked well over a minute off her April time, coming in at 44:04. Ever-cheerful, Peter Torre, matched his 49:35 April mark to the second.

Mark Culshaw 
5 mile Walk 
1 Mark Culshaw (Belgrave) (G) M50 48:29
2 Maureen Noel (Belgrave) W50 50:49
3 Arthur Thomson (Enfield) M80 52:06
4 Shaun Lightman (SWC) M70 52:39
5 Peter Hannell (SWC) M70 53:48
6 Fiona Bishop (Woking) W55 55:06
7 Dave Delaney (SWC) (G) M70 56:19
8 David Hoben (SWC) M60 57:50
Gentle rain and humidity were the main features of the second fixture of the season, with a lower than expected turnout.
An in form Mark Culshaw from Belgrave Harriers, continued his winning sequence from the 2015 series. Maureen Noel from the same club was not far behind given her recent London Marathon and other races in between. Dave Delaney returned to form in a respectable time.
Starter and course set-up: Dennis Williams 
Timekeepers: David Harris, Carl Lawton 
Recorders: Ian Isherwood 
Entries: Maggie Statham, David Hoben 
Marshals:Joe Aspinall, Martin Berry, Mick Barlow, Peter Ryan 
Drinks station: Nolan Simmons 
Photography: Jeremy Hemming 


The Cecil Gittins 10k Track Walk featuring the Veterans AC, Surrey, Herts and Middlesex Championships, 27 April 2016, Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, London SW11

Steve Allen of Barnet AC who has been active recently on the near continent repeated his 2015 win at VAC and Counties 10k track walk on an unexpectedly cold April evening which had the occasional interruption of lightening and somehow escaped the thunderstorms.

Mark Culshaw of Belgrave Harriers, whose birthday was actually on race day, completed his first race in his new age group coming second and going under the hour.

Penelope Cummings of AFD was first lady of Surrey going under the hour again, and Maureen Noel of Belgrave Harriers was once again first lady of Middlesex only 3 days after her really fast London Marathon 3:38 time.

Arthur Thomson, who has dominated the last decade in veterans’ athletics since arriving on the results sheets in National 20k Sheffield Don Valley, completed his first event in M80 category in a very respectable time and was already planning to race twice on the Monday only a few days later.

VAC were pleased to welcome attending the race Colin Young statistician and premier ultra-distance walker, Surrey County Chairman Tom Pollak and Ken Livermore representing Herts County with his wife Margaret.

Judges: John Powell, Michael Croft
Starter: Maurice Joyce
Timekeeper: David Harris
Chief Recorder: Don Turner
Recorders:  Tom Richards, Carl Lawton, Mike May, Dennis Williams, Ros Tabor, Cliff Hide, David Hoben, Peter Ryan

1 Steve Allen (Barnet) (G) M55 55:38.9 Herts
2 Mark Culshaw (Belgrave) (G) M50 58:38.3 Middx
3 Penelope Cummings (G) (AFD) W35 [1] 59:36.9 Surrey
4 Maureen Noel (Belgrave) W50 [1] 62:30.6 Middx
5 Shaun Lightman (SWC) M70 [1] 63:29.8 Middx
6 Mick Harran (SWC) M75 [1] 65:48.7 Surrey
7 Peter Hannell (SWC) M70 [2] 65:58.8 Surrey
8 Arthur Thomson (E&H) M80 [1] 66:57.6 Herts
9 Chris Flint (SWC) M70 [3] 67:21.3 Surrey
10 John Borgars (Herts Phoenix) (G) 68:26.8 Herts
11 Dave Delaney (SWC) M70 (G) 69:43.9 Surrey
12 Fiona Bishop (Woking) W55 [1] 69:54.3 Surrey
13 Sean Pender (EHAC) M60 (G) 70.01.9 Middx

DQ Ian Richards M65 (Steyning)

Championship results in square brackets
County championships:

S Allen, A Thomson, J Borgars

M Noel
M Culshaw, S Lightman, S Pender

P Cummings, F Bishop
M Harran, P Hannell, C Flint


Veterans AC 5M Road Race and Race Walk 12 April 2016, Battersea Park, London SW11

The start

Marion Rayner Paul Cheetham, race winner

Photos from Jeremy Hemming

Jeremy has advised us that, following the demise of the imagetogo sites, he is sourcing a new service to be able to continue suppling members with photos. In the meantime you can contact him direct at 

VAC Battersea Park 5 Mile Road Results: 12 April 2016

Race Position Time Name Age Group Age Group Pos. First Claim Club
1 26:54 Paul Cheetham M40 1 Stragglers RC
2 27:02 Phil Sanders M40 2 Kent AC
3 29:02 David Moore M50 1 DMV
4 30:32 Gavin Mackay M45 1 Petts Wood Runners
5 33:33 Tony Harran M55 1 Herne Hill Harriers
6 33:34 Lloyd Bevan M50 2 Serpentine RC
7 33:40 Mick Bradley M55 2 Watford Harriers
8 34:03 Peter Hall M55 3 West 4 Harriers
9 34:30 Mick Barlow (Guest) M50 3 Kent AC
10 35:39 Paul Curran (Guest) M35 1 North Down AC
11 35:43 Carol Jones W55 1 Ealing Southall & Midd
12 35:46 Tom Morris M55 4 Hercules Wimbledon
13 38:57 Martin Wilson M65 1 Ealing Southall & Midd
14 40:03 Marion Rayner (Guest) W65 1 West 4 Harriers
15 40:14 Chas Rayner (Guest) M65 2 West 4 Harriers
16 41:16 Patricia Thomas W50 1 Ealing Southall & Midd
17 41:41 Dennis Williams M70 1 Hercules Wimbledon
18 41:45 Douglas Milsom M75 1 Hillingdon AC
19 42:48 Cliff Collins M75 2 VAC
20 43:24 Ann Bath W65 2 26.2 Road Runners
21 45:19 Penny Elliott W70 1 Waverley Harriers
22 48:45 Nigel Goodwin M60 1 Herne Hill Harriers
23 49:35 Peter Torre M70 2 VAC
24 50:35 Ed Bartlett M70 3 VAC

There was a good turn-out for the first fixture, and some fine racing. The two M40s at the front were never more than a few metres apart. Paul Cheetham held his slim lead throughout and eased clear by eight seconds, going under 27 minutes, a mark rarely achieved on this measured course. A little further down the field, a cluster of five M50 and M55s were separated by less than a minute. M55 Tony Harran headed the charge, closely followed by Lloyd Bevan and Mick Bradley, with Peter Hall and Mick Barlow putting pressure on. Carol Jones (W55) was the first woman home in a good time of 35:43, with guest runner, Marion Rayner (W65), in second place, just missing a sub-40 minute clocking by three seconds. Dennis Williams was the first M70, just four seconds ahead of M75 Doug Milsom, whose time of 41:45 was one of the fastest recorded for this age group, and not too far off Joe Aspinall's record of 40:38, set in May 2014.

5 mile Walk

Carlos Cobo Corrales

1 Daniel Halmstrand (Belgrave) (G) M45 46:05
2 Pete Ryan (Ilford) M60 49:01
3 Carlos Cobo Corrales (SWC) (G) M35 49:26
4 Shaun Lightman (SWC) M70 51.15
5 Paul King (Belgrave) M65 52:58
6 Arthur Thomson (Enfield) M75 53:51
7 Fiona Bishop (Woking) W55 57:07
8 David Hoben (SWC) M60 58:02
9 Dave Delaney (SWC) (G) M70 58:54
10 Kevin Burnett (SWC) M75 66:57
DNS David Bowker (Fairlands Valley)
A perfect fine sunny spring evening ushered in the first fixture of the season.
5 of the field had raced in the VAC Gravesend meeting the previous Saturday, including Spanish student Carlos Cobo Corrales (SWC) who had somehow managed to squeeze in a biathlon in between which apparently didn’t stop him doing under ten minute miling.
Returning to the results sheets once again were Pete Ryan & Fiona Bishop after a layoff with long-term injuries, we wish them both well as they regain their full strength and speed, already their results are creditable.
Officials: Starter: Dennis Williams
Timekeepers: David Harris, Carl Lawton
Recorders: Ian Isherwood, Michael Croft
Entries: Maggie Statham, David Hoben
Marshal: Lynn Wilson
Photography: Jeremy Hemming


Cecil Gittins Memorial Walks, Cyclopark, Gravesend, 9 April 2016

Veterans AC 2.5k/5k/10k/15k road race incorporating Enfield League Fixture III 

Veterans AC were pleased to host the inaugural running of this event on a dedicated cycle circuit which has now already been used for major running races. 

The event was dedicated to the memory of Cecil Gittins, the football loving character who was almost never seen without his trademark QPR scarf, in honour of his lifetime in athletics and race walking and his many years of untiring service as an official. 

The 5k was won by Commonwealth Games medallist and Olympian Lisa Kehler, after a break from the racing scene who finished strongly on the testing roller coaster course. 

The 10k was won by Portuguese international Francisco Reis, only a week after his age group win at the Euro Indoor Vets competition in Ancona, Italy after a determined battle with Surrey Walking Club's David Crane who still achieved a PB. 

The ladies 10k was won by Andrea Ingram from Lewes AC, who achieved a fast time for her first ever attempt at this distance. 

Andrea was not the only Lewes athlete to have a good performance that day as Ollie Hopkins continued his upwards trajectory and was just one of a number  

of young athletes to have a PB that day coming 5th in only his second 10k on a course that was far from personal best territory, under 1 hour for 1st time. 

Although the event was designed to fit into the 10k in the long running Enfield league, quite a number took up the option of continuing to the 15k where Surrey Walking Club's Malcolm Martin who was also in the Euro Indoor Vets had a win from Southern president Chris Hobbs after a neck and neck battle. 

VAC are grateful to Ron Wallwork and his Enfield team for allowing this race to be incorporated in their series. 

Mark Easton’s photos/slideshow for the Gravesend race
The best way to view is to click on the photos of the event to enter the gallery and then click the Show All link near the bottom of the page



DNS Hannah Childs W40 Medway
Adam Childs U11B Medway
Michael Croft M55 Ilford
Suzanne Beardsmore W45 AFD
Jill Langford W75 Wolves
1 Suki Ly U15G Cambridge H 14.08
2 George Wilkinson U15B EHAC 16:40
1 Lisa Kehler W45 Wolves 26.26
2 Marshall Smith U17M Ashford 27.22
3 Evie Butcher U17W Cambridge H 28.02
4 Jack Childs U15B Medway 28.03
5 Penelope Cummings W35 AFD 28.47
6 Abigail Jennings U17W AFD 29.38
7 Dave Stevens M75 Steyning 38.36
8 Mick Barnbrook M70 Ilford 39.31
DNF Heather Butcher U20W Cambridge H
1 Francisco Reis W55 EVAC 50.35
2 David Crane M35 SWC 51.09
3 Malcolm Martin M60 SWC 56.20
4 Chris Hobbs M60 Ashford 56.24
5 Ollie Hopkins U17M Lewes 57.42
6 Mark Culshaw M45 Belgrave 59.20
7 Carlos Cobo Corrales M35 SWC 59.31
8 John Ralph M55 EHAC 59.50
9 Gary Smith M55 EHAC 61.28
10 Richard Emsley M60 Saints & Sinners 62.22
11 Shaun Lightman M70 SWC 63.12
12 Steve Kemp M55 EVAC 63.16
13 Andrea Ingram W55 Lewes 63.26
14 Lynn Jones W50 EHAC 65.34
15 Ron Penfold M70 Steyning 65.43
16 Paul Gaston M65 SWC 65.56
17 Peter Hannell M70 SWC 66.13
18 Mick Harran M75 SWC 67.05
19 Fiona Bishop W55 Woking 68.49
20 Sean Pender M60 EHAC 69.01
21 Chris Flint M70 SWC 69.52
22 Andy Cox M60 Hillingdon 71.52
23 Dave Delaney M70 SWC 72.03
24= David Hoben M60 SWC 72.15
24= Angela Martin W50 SWC 72.15
26= Anne Jones W60 Steyning 73.15
26= Jo Miles W60 Hillingdon 73.15
28 Jenny Middleton W35 Hillingdon 73.20
29 Kathy Crilley W65 SWC 78.49
30 Jon May M65 EHAC 87.03
DNF Brian Kirkdale M55 Hastings Runners
1 Malcolm Martin M60 SWC 85.03
2 Chris Hobbs M60 Ashford 86.29
3 Mark Culshaw M45 Belgrave 93.03
4 Carlos Cobo Corrales M35 SWC 93.18
5 Richard Emsley M60 Saints & Sinners 95.33
6 Paul Gaston M65 SWC 101.11
7 Sean Pender M60 EHAC 103.59
8 Chris Flint M70 SWC 106.55
9= Anne Jones W60 Steyning 109.28
9= Angela Martin W50 SWC 109.28
11 Jo Miles W60 Hillingdon 109.29
12 Kathy Crilley W65 SWC 119.46
Judges: P. Wilson (chief), P Selby, S Cartwright, D Hopkins, R Wallwork.
Starter: Noel Carmody
Time keeping: David Harris, Carl Lawton
Lap recording: Peter Crane, Pam Ficken
Lead cyclist & judges' runner: Eric Parker
Changing, showers, refreshments: Cyclopark, Gravesend
The staff of Cyclopark, Gravesend


BMAF/VAC 10k champs at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 2 April 2016

The monthly QEOP 10k was the host race for the BMAF National Road 10k Championships as well as for VAC’s annual 10k champs. Thirty eight VAC members completed the compact three-lap course along the Park’s pleasant paths in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium and the iconic ArcelorMittal Orbit. Pride of place went to new VAC member, Thomas Payn, who won the race outright by well over a minute in a time of 31:16. Fellow M35, John Kettle, was the second VAC man, taking fourth place in the race. Six of the BMAF Gold Medals were gained by VAC athletes, with the women being the high achievers. Cathy Ulliott (W50), Maggie Statham (W60), Melinda Jones (W45) and Pam Jones (W75) were the victors in their age groups. For the men, Thomas Payn (M35) and Dave Cox (M60) took the Golds. Silver BMAF medals were won by Doug Milsom (M75) and Lesley Bowcott(W70).

The full results are on the Statistics menu of the BMAF website.

VAC members’ results are shown below. 

QEOP 10K and VAC/BMAF 10K Championships: 2 April 2016
Race Position Time Chip Time Name Age Group VAC Age Group Pos. BMAF Age Group Pos. First Claim Club
1 31:16 31:14 Thomas Payn M35 1 1 Run Fast
4 33:34 33:31 John Kettle M35 2 3 Herne Hill Harriers
15 34:50 34:46 Andrew Ridley M50 1 3 Poole AC
16 34:58 34:54 Ian Johnston M45 1 VAC
31 36:36 36:30 Stephen Philcox M50 2 Ilford AC
32 36:39 36:35 Mike Boyle M55 1 3 Herne Hill Harriers
34 37:21 37:16 Dave Cox M60 1 1 Woodford Green with EL
36 37:56 37:49 Paul Holloway M45 2 Ilford AC
37 38:00 37:56 Nick Barberis Negra M35 3 Serpentine Runners
38 38:06 38:00 Neil Crisp M50 3 Ilford AC
42 38:26 38:20 Tony Pamphilon M55 2 Woodford Green with EL
66 40:46 40:39 Martin Bright M45 3 Highgate Harriers
80 41:50 41:40 Tom Ulliott M55 3 Brighton & Hove City AC
94 42:53 42:43 Cathy Ulliott W50 1 1 Brighton & Hove City AC
97 43:00 42:52 Tom Conlon M55 Herne Hill Harriers
98 43:00 42:50 Tony Harran M55 Herne Hill Harriers
99 43:02 42:54 Lloyd Bevan M50 Serpentine Runners
105 43:13 43:03 Jim Brown M65 1 Woking AC
108 43:35 43:26 Peter Hall M55 West 4 Harriers
123 44:25 44:16 Stephen Parker M55 Ilford AC
130 44:46 44:34 Maggie Statham W60 1 1 Holland Sports AC
135 44:58 44:49 Melinda Jones W45 1 1 Ilford AC
143 45:31 45:22 Graham Laylee M55 Dulwich Runners
150 45:49 45:40 Liam O'Hare M65 2 Barnet & District AC
159 46:38 46:24 Nicholas Bingham M70 1 Barnet & District AC
161 46:53 46:40 Jane Georghiou W60 2 3 Farnham Runners
189 48:30 48:13 Clare Wyngard W55 1 Dulwich Runners
194 48:53 48:42 Karen Allworthy W55 2 Orion Harriers
218 50:27 50:18 Nicola Hopkinson W50 2 3 Ilford AC
268 53:12 53:00 Dianne Crisp W50 3 Ilford AC
277 53:42 53:24 Julia Galea W60 3 Ilford AC
283 54:05 53:29 Doug Milsom M75 1 2 Hillingdon AC
321 55.45 55:28 Nicola Chester W35 1 3 Ilford AC
335 56:33 56:18 Robert Sargent M60 2 Ilford AC
402 61:33 60:41 Lesley Bowcott W70 1 2 Wimbledon Windmilers
410 62:27 62:03 Bill O'Connor M70 2 Queens Park Harriers
422 64:14 63:49 Pam Jones W75 1 1 Ilford AC
430 64:54 64:22 Nigel Goodwin M60 3 Herne Hill Harriers

BMAF CC Champs, Bath Uni 13 March 2016

Margaret Moody, Ros Tabor, Lesley Bowcott, Maggie Statham, Jane Georghiou

Cathy Ulliott                                                                           Ben Reynolds

Julian Critchlow

Photos from Jeremy Hemming

VAC Results

Race 1: Women and M65+ men
14 Jenny Fowler (Med & Maid) W40 23:30
23 Cathy Ulliott(B&H) W50 24:24
31 Mike Mann(Dul) M65 24:44
33 Maggie Statham(Holl) W60 24:54
36 Julia Taylor(B&H) W55 25:11
44 Anna Garnier(THH) W60 25:39
45 Ros Tabor(Dul) W65 25:43
32 Jane Georghiou(Farn) W60 26:49
71 Margaret Moody(VAC) W65 27:41
94 Lesley Bowcott(Wim W) W70 32:22
Team W45 1 Brighton Hove 71:34

 Race 2: Men 35 – 64
1 Ben Reynolds(THH) M50 25:12
11 Julian Critchlow(Wat) M55 26:56
15 Andy Weir(THH) M45 27:03
26 Mick Boyle(HHH) M55 28:14
33 Nigel Gates(B&H) M60 28:42
52 Tom Conlon (HHH) M55 30:00
57 Jerry Carnell(Cam H) M60 30:30
74 Tom Ulliott(B&H) M55 32:07
75 Tony Harran(HHH) M55 32:20

Teams M45 1 Thames Hare 79:15
M55 1 Herne Hill 90:34

Fine weather, short distances and firm ground at Bath University's adjacent downland produced two fast, hard-fought races. The multi-lap routes meant that the seemingly benign long slope up to the high-point became a repeatedly tough challenge at speed. VAC performance of the day was the fine overall win in Race Two, and M50 Gold, by Ben Reynolds. VAC continued to lead the age groups, with M55 Gold won by Julian Critchlow and M60 Gold by Nigel Gates, continuing his winning ways in every age group over the last 20 years. Andy Weir took M45 Bronze in a very competitive category, with only 12 seconds separating the medallists. Race One, produced five VAC medallists. Maggie Statham followed her success at Rithin a year ago by once again winning the W60 Gold medal. Silvers were won by Ros Tabor (W65) and Lesley Bowcott (W70), whilst bronze medals were gained by Julia Taylor (W55) and Anna Garnier (W60), making a welcome return from injuries.

VAC Medallists
Race 1
W60 Gold: Maggie Statham
W65 Silver: Ros Tabor
W70 Silver: Lesley Bowcott
W55 Bronze: Julia Taylor
W60 Bronze: Anna Garnier
Race 2
1st overall and M50 Gold: Ben Reynolds
M55 Gold: Julian Critchlow
M60 Gold: Nigel Gates
M45 Bronze: Andy Weir

VAC’s Overall Result in Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, 2015 – 2016 Season 

VAC finished the season in a comfortable fourth place in the final Division Four placings. This achievement is highly commendable, even remarkable, for the club which has languished at or near the bottom for the last few years. The massive improvement can certainly be attributed to new blood in the team, backed up by the solid performances of the faithful regulars. Fielding at least ten men in each fixture, creating an excellent team spirit and spurring on some fine performances, all played their part. Credit also must be given to Team Manager, Paddy Clark, who has held the team together over recent years. Six men steadfastly anchored the team in all four matches: Barry Attwell, Mark Cawood, Steve Clancey, Paddy Clark, Peter Giles and Carey Gray.  

Season’s Team Position after all four matches (top six of ten teams):

1. Fulham Running Club: 973 

2. Runnymede Runners: 1331 

3. Woking AC: 1448  

4. VAC: 1885 

5. Barnes Runners: 2103.5 

6. Windrush AC: 2105.0


Steve Clancey, an ever-present this season, at Lloyd Park in February’s match. Photo by Martin Berry. 

VAC in Men's Surrey League, Lloyd Park, 13 February 2016

Carey Gray (873) and Mark Cawood (875) have run all four races

Photos from Jeremy Hemming

VAC fielded a full 10-man team for the last Surrey League fixture of the season at Lloyd Park, but traffic snarl-ups put paid to the efforts of the team's usual top scorer Richard Batchelor, as well as Mark Wadley, to make the start.  Added to that, Alan Lane was forced to drop out after a lap with shoe problems, leaving us short of the full ten for the first time this season.  Nevertheless, Vets managed a creditable sixth, led home by Mark Cawood with 1995 National Vets champion Barry Attwell not far behind.  Tony Harran had a good run to take the third VAC spot, followed by Steve Clancey and new recruit Ray Owens.  Cary Gray extended his sequence as the leading ever-present, with home international M70 winner Peter Giles next in.  Paddy Clark found himself surprisingly closing down Liam O'Hare as he kept losing his shoe in the very squelchy mud.

More information    
14 Mark Cawood M45  34.19
19 Barry Attwell M60  34.38
32 Tony Harran M55  36.21
36 Steve Clancey M40  37.07
37 Ray Owens M50  37.15
54 Cary Gray M55  39.52
69 Peter Giles M70  41.53
84 Paddy Clark M70  45.02
85 Liam O'Hare M65  45.18

VAC’s Position in Lloyd Park Match (top seven of ten teams):

1. Fulham Running Club: 293 points

2. Woking AC: 300 points

3. Runnymede Runners: 355 points

4. Barnes Runners: 417

5. Windrush AC: 480

6. VAC: 514 points

7. British Airways: 522 points

Finsbury parkrun 6 February 2016 

Finsbury parkrun: VAC runners (Andy Murray, Dave Cox, Ros Tabor, Mike Mann, Maggie Statham, Martin Garrett, Dennis Williams)

Eight members gathered at Finsbury Park, North London, for the VAC “mob match” and get-together on Saturday 6 February. The two-lap course was run mostly on the park’s tarmac perimeter roads, featuring a long uphill slope and some twists and turns past the athletics track. First home for VAC was Dave Cox, setting a new M60 record for the course. Next were Mike Mann and Maggie Statham, who set a new W60 course record. Vets AC filled the top three age-graded performances on the day, achieved by Maggie, Dave and Ros Tabor.






Age-graded position

(247 finishers)

Dave Cox





Mike Mann



76.61 %


Maggie Statham





Andy Murray



64.03 %


Ros Tabor



82.01 %


Martin Garrett



58.41 %


Dennis Williams



62.46 %


Patrick Reynolds



45.13 %


VAC runners in Watford half-marathon 7 February 2016

Victoria Carter 1st VAC lady  Paul Cheetham 9th in race and 1st Vet M40 (2000 odd ran)

Photos from Jeremy Hemming

VAC Cross Country Championships, Wimbledon Common, 23 January 2016

Tony Harran, Lloyd Bevan, David Pitt

VAC Peter Giles 1st 70 Mike Boyle

Marie Synott-Wells The winner Paul Cheetham

Photos from Jeremy Hemming

VAC Cross Country Championships, 23 January 2016 - Wimbledon Common
After much rain, followed by a cold snap, the weather conditions were perfect for VAC’s annual cross country championships on Wimbledon Common. For the third year, we used the “new” two-lap 4.4 mile course starting at the “Thatched Cottage”, following the Beverley Brook before turning up the steepening horse ride. There was a lot of mud this year but excellent times were set, with some age-group course records being convincingly rewritten. Forty VAC/BMAF members took part, plus seven guests who were made welcome.

Paul Cheetham (M40), making his VAC debut, was the first man home, well clear of second placed M45 Ian Johnston who beat fellow M45, Andy Weir in a reversal of their positions in last year’s race. The 5th, 6th and 7th places were taken in sequence by the first M50, M55 and M60 athletes, namely Tony Tuohy (the 2014 winner), Mike Boyle (the 3-lap old course record holder) and Dave Cox (the British & Irish Masters International). In the process, the M55 and M60 course records were substantially revised by Mike and Dave. Once again, Mike Mann easily took the M65 title in a time of 31:00, only two seconds slower than his own course record set in 2014. British & Irish Masters gold medallist, Peter Giles, was only 21 seconds behind, setting an M70 course record which will be hard to beat. New M75 and M80 records were also set by Joe Aspinall and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles.

For the women, Anna Critchlow (W45) led the way in an excellent time of 29:46, only two seconds shy of Victoria Carter’s course record set in 2015. Anna’s time knocked nearly a minute off the previous W45 course record set by Ola Balme in 2015. Marie Synott-Wells placed second with a massively improved W50 course record. Carol Jones (W55), Maggie Statham (W60), Ros Tabor (W65) and Lesley Bowcott (W70) were the VAC gold medallists in their age groups.

Pos. Time Name Age Group VAC Age Group Pos. First Claim Club
1 25:16 Paul Cheetham M40 1 Stragglers
2 25:49 Ian Johnston M45 1 VAC
3 26:21 Andy Weir M45 2 Thames H
4 26:39 Stuart Flack (Guest) M40   Epsom & Ewell Harriers
5 26:56 Tony Tuohy M50 1 Dulwich Runners
6 27:21 Mike Boyle M55 1 Herne Hill Harriers
7 27:58 Dave Cox M60 1 Woodford Green with EL
8 28:40 Jerry Carnell M60 2 Cambridge Harriers
9 28:50 Mark Cawood M45 3 SLH
10 29:10 Chris Bailey (Guest) M50   Highgate Harriers
11 29:20 Barry Attwell M60 3 SLH
12 29:38 Martin Bright M45 4 Highgate Harriers
13 29:46 Anna Critchlow W45 1 West 4 Harriers
14 30:17 Bill Arbury M50 2 Epsom & Ewell Harriers
15 30:21 Steve Clancey M40 2 SLH
16 30:23 Julian Spencer-Wood M60 4 Kent AC
17 30:23 David Pitt M60 5 BMAF Open
18 30:53 Tony Harran M55 2 Herne Hill Harriers
19 31:00 Mike Mann M65 1 Dulwich Runners
20 31:16 Lloyd Bevan M50 3 Serpentine Runners
21 31:21 Peter Giles M70 1 Hercules Wimbledon
22 31:31 Marie Synott-Wells W50 1 Ranelagh Harriers
23 32:11 Peter Hall M55 3 West 4 Harriers
24 32:27 Carey Gray M55 4 Woodstock Harriers
25 32:34 Vanda Caulfield (Guest) W50   Epsom & Ewell Harriers
26 32:51 Maggie Statham W60 1 Holland Sports AC
27 33:15 Andy Murray M60 6 Dulwich Runners
28 33:24 Graham Laylee M55 5 Dulwich Runners
29 33:25 Jane Davies (Guest) W65   Epsom & Ewell Harriers
30 33:39 Alison Brownhill (Guest) W50   Purple Patch Runners
31 34:12 Joseph Brady (Guest) M45   Dulwich Runners
32 34:17 Lisa Pettit W45 2 Serpentine Runners
33 34:27 Robert Maslen (Guest) M65   Serpentine Runners
34 34:36 Jo Quantrill W60 2 SLH
35 34:52 Ros Tabor W65 1 Dulwich Runners
36 35:19 Peter Kennedy M60 7 Lewes AC
37 35:24 Jane Georghiou W60 3 Farnham Runners
38 35:29 Carol Jones W55 1 Ealing Southall & Middlesex
39 37:45 Michael Johnson M70 2 Thames H
40 38:05 Maurice Marchant M65 2 Tonbridge AC
41 38:26 Sarah Allen W50 2 Herne Hill Harriers
42 43:52 Lesley Bowcott W70 1 Wimbledon Windmilers
43 44:26 Joe Aspinall M75 1 VAC
44 49:25 William O'Connor M70 3 Queens Park Harriers
45 51:39 Doug Milsom M75 2 Hillingdon AC
46 52:46 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M80 1 Sevenoaks AC
47 59:08 Alan Lane M80 2 Belgrave Harriers

Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Oxshott Woods, 16 January 2016

The VAC team at Oxshott (from left to right):
Mark Cawood,Mark Wadley, Barry Attwell, Paddy Clark, Alan Lane, Peter Giles,
Steve Clancey, Carey Gray, Liam O’Hare, Jamie Freeland, Richard Batchelor

Carey Gray (number 873)

Liam O'Hare

All Photos by Martin Berry

VAC fielded a full team to compete at Oxshott on a sunny, cold, January afternoon. The three lap, 5.2 mile, course presented the runners with heathland, wooded trails and long climbs up to the War Memorial, where the spectators gathered. Richard Batchelor once again led the VAC team home in 11th position in a super-fast run-in. His consistency in the first three matches has rewarded him with third place in the overall individual Division Four standings. He was followed by Mark Cawood (1st M45), Barry Attwell (1st M60), Jamie Freeland, Steve Clancey and Peter Giles (1st M70) in quick succession, fighting for every place. Next came the loyal and dedicated Carey Gray, in his 17th consecutive Surrey League match for VAC, an amazing record which stretches back to 2012. Mark Wadley followed in a welcome re-appearance this season for VAC. Liam O’Hare, Paddy Clark and Alan Lane (M80) completed the team. 

This excellent team effort resulted in Vets AC achieving a comfortable fourth place in the team standings on the day. After three matches, VAC remains in a very respectable fourth place overall. 

VAC placings: Division Four 

11 Richard Batchelor M40 34:04

23 Mark Cawood M45 36:00

30 Barry Attwell M60 36:26

37 Jamie Freeland M40 37:26

48 Steve Clancey M40 38:34

61 Peter Giles M70 39:51

68 Carey Gray M55 40:27 

69. Mark Wadley M50 40:46 

93. Liam O’Hare M65 43:56

101 Paddy Clark M70 46:14

119 Alan Lane M80 74:20 


Team Position in Oxshott Match (top five of ten teams):

1. Fulham Running Club: 165 points

2. Woking AC: 306 points

3. Runnymede Runners: 358 points

4. VAC: 494 points

5. British Airways: 560 points

Full results and team placings arehere.

Overall Team Position after three matches (top five of ten teams):

1. Fulham Running Club: 680 points

2. Runnymede Runners: 976 points

3. Woking AC: 1148 points

4. VAC: 1371 points

5. Windrush Tri Club: 1625 points