Results for January to June 2018

  • South of England Masters and VAC T&F Championships, Battersea Park, 24 June 2018 5-07-18
  • VAC 5M Road Race and Race Walk Championships, 19 June 2018, Battersea Park 23-06-18
  • VAC Battersea Park Road Races Grand Prix 2018 14-06-18
  • Hampstead Heath parkrun 9 June 2018 11-06-18
  • 6th Jack Fitzgerald Walks, 9 June 2018, Tilgate Park, Crawley RH10 5EU 28-06-18  
  • VAC 10 Mile Championship at Dorking 10, 3 June 2018 4-06-18 
  • VAC 1 Mile Championship at the Vitality Westminster Mile 27 May 2018 29-05-18  
  • VAC 10km road Championships, Sutton 10K, Nonsuch Park, 20 May 2018 24-05-18 
  • Veterans AC 5M Road Race and Race Walk, 15 May 2018, Battersea Park 14-06-18 
  • Veterans AC, Surrey, Herts and Middlesex 10k Track Championships, Battersea Park, London SW11 25 April 2018 30-04-18 
  • VAC Members at the Virgin Money London Marathon, 22 April 2018 25-04-18 
  • Veterans AC 5M Road Race and Race Walk, 17 April 2018, Battersea Park 20-04-18 
  • Cecil Gittins Memorial Walks, Cyclopark Gravesend, 14 April 2018 19-04-18 
  • European Masters Championships Indoors, Madrid 19-24 March 2018 5-04-18 
  • Croydon Harriers Invitational Cross Country, Lloyd Park, 17 March 2018 23-03-18 
  • VAC Indoor T&F Championships, Lee Valley, 25 February 2018  22-03-18 
  • Southern Counties Veterans AC Indoor Championships (incorporating Veterans AC Championships 3k walk), Lee Valley 18 February 2018 23-02-18 
  • VAC at South Norwood parkrun, 17 February 2018 18-02-18 
  • Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Lloyd Park, 10 February 2018 13-02-18 
  • VAC Cross Country Championships and Masters Open race, Wimbledon Common 20 January 2018 28-01-18 

South of England Masters and VAC T&F Championships, Battersea Park, 24 June 2018

Full results are available on the BMAF website. Follow this link. We apologise for the delay, due to technical processing issues.

800m Start of Race 1

Bill O’Connor                            Lisa Webb

 800m Race 2 - 136 Mike Mann, 143 Trevor Solomon, 104 Ian Strong                       Allan Long

Dennis Williams               Tracey Gould

Rhiannon Needham
Above photos from Cliff Hide


This year VAC could not hold the track and field championships at the usual time at the end of August because that would have clashed with the larger BMAF championships in Birmingham. The committee decided to combine with the new South of England Masters championships which were held at Battersea Park track. Entries were open to any master athlete, but most competitors were from VAC, SCVAC, or EMACs.

It was hard to get sufficient officials to run all the events, so many athletes volunteered to help officiate as well as compete, which was quite hard on a hot day.

VAC was well represented throughout the age groups at the joint event, with the following members gaining gold medals in the VAC section:

W35 Rhiannon Needham (100m,200m,400m,triple jump)

M35 Rory Macfarlane (100m, 200m, 400m)

W40 Tracey Gould (discus, hammer, javelin, weight, shot)

M40 Stuart Channon (100m, 200m, long jump)

M40 Franck Triolaire (javelin, shot)

M40 Gavin Englefield (800m)

M40 Jamie McLoughlin (1500m)

W45  Rachel Badham (1500m)

W45 Emma Hickmott (discus, hammer, javelin, shot, weight)

M45 Daniel Tomlinson (100m, 200m)

M45 Dave Cobb (400m)

M45 Robert Datnow (800m)

W50 Jacqui Reid (400m, 1500m)

W50 Lisa Webb (800m)

W50 Wendy Lewis (100m hurdles)

M50 Mark White (100m, 200m)

M50 Steve Roberts (400m)

M50 Andrew Simms (800m)

M50 Steve Atkinson (1500m)

M50 Don Lawless (3000m s/c)

M50 Richard Weekes (long jump, triple jump)

W55 Lesley Parsons (100m, 200m, 400m)

W55 Kim Weir (hammer)

M55 Adrian Day (100m, 200m)

M55 Matthew Dixon (800m, 400m hurdles)

M55 Mark Cursons (1500m)

M55 Peter Wishart (discus)

M55 Robert Shephard (javelin)

M55 Sean O’Keeffe (long jump)

M55 Renzo di Libero (shot)

M55 David Shields (triple jump)

W60 Avril Riddell (1500m)

M60 John Browne (100m)

M60 Philip Bell (200m)

M60 Jon Dean (400m)

M60 Richard Clark (1500m)

M60 Keith Seldon (shot, discus, hammer, javelin, weight)

M60 David Blunt (high jump, long jump, triple jump)

W65 Ros Tabor (1500m)

W65 Emily McMahon (long jump)

M65 Douglas Lucas (100m, 200m, 400m)

M65 Mike Mann (800m)

M65 Terry O’Neill (1500m)

M65 Tony Richards (discus, javelin, shot)

M65 Patrick Reynolds (hammer, long jump, triple jump, weight)

W70 Liz Sissons (discus, hammer, javelin, shot, weight)

M70 Gerry Lustig (100m)

M70 David Whittaker (200m)

M70 Bill O’Connor (400m, 800m, discus, javelin, shot)

M70 Peter Giles (1500m)

M75 Allan Long (100m, long jump, triple jump)

M75 Terry Casey (400m)

M75 John Webster (discus, javelin, shot, weight)

M75 Laurence Bryce (hammer)

M80 Joe Aspinall (1500m)

M85 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles (100m)

M90 George Hopcroft (400m)

Full results of the whole match are available on the BMAF website link.


VAC 5M Road Race and Race Walk Championships, 19 June 2018, Battersea Park

5 Mile Road Race

Stuart Beaney, Men's Champion                                                                    
Ian Johnston, M50 Gold

Ange Norris, Women's Champion                                                          
Jacqui Reid, W50 Gold

Dave Annetts, Race Walk winner                                              
Maureen Noel, Race Walk, W50 Gold

Len Reilly, M55 Gold                                                         
Ed Skinner, M60 Bronze
Photos by Cate Berry

The Championship race attracted 48 finishers on a warm, humid, evening. The standard was high, with the top eight posting times under 30 minutes. Stuart Beaney (M40) followed up his victory in the May race with another fine win, keeping ahead of fast-finishing Ian Johnston (M50) by two seconds. Dan Madams was third, taking the M40 Silver medal, closely followed by Phil Sanders, representing SCVAC, winning a BMAF M45 Gold medal. In the VAC Championships, Sam Rahman (M35), Gavin Mackay (M45), Len Reilly (M55), Dave Cox (M60), Ian Kitching (M65), Peter Giles (M70), Joe Aspinall (M80) and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles (M85) won Gold medals.

For the women, Ange Norris retained her 5 Mile Champion’s trophy, and won the W55 Gold medal, ahead of Jacqui Reid who took W50 Gold. For third place, as in May’s race, Caroline Helder (W55) and Carol Jones (W60) were separated at the finish by less than five seconds, with Caroline just ahead. Other Gold medals were won by Jane Rowden (W65) and Pam Brown (W80).

A big cheer goes to the nine members of Ilford AC for enhancing the event with their great camaraderie and team spirit.

VAC 5 Mile Road Race
Race Position Time Name Age Group Age Gp Position VAC Medal First Claim Club
1 27:57 Stuart Beaney M40 1 Gold Kent AC
2 27:59 Ian Johnston M50 1 Gold VAC
3 28:24 Dan Madams M40 2 Silver Tonbridge AC
4 28:33 Phil Sanders (SCVAC) M45 1 Kent AC
5 28:48 Robbie Cox (Guest) M35 1 Woodford Green with EL
6 29:47 Stephen Philcox M50 2 Silver Ilford AC
7 29:50 Gavin Mackay M45 2 Gold Petts Wood Runners
8 29:57 Sam Rahman M35 2 Gold Ilford AC
9 30:47 Dave Cox M60 1 Gold Woodford Green with EL
10 30:53 Len Reilly M55 1 Gold Kent AC
11 32:33 Ian Kitching M65 1 Gold SLH
12 33:14 Tom Cheetham (Guest) M50 3 Hercules Wimbledon
13 33:21 Terry O'Neill M65 2 Silver Belgrave Harriers
14 33:46 Bradley Brown (Guest) M45 3 Ilford AC
15 33:55 Rohan Alexander M50 4 Bronze Ilford AC
16 34:11 Ange Norris W55 1 Gold Dulwich Runners
17 34:27 Peter Giles M70 1 Gold Hercules Wimbledon
18 34:38 Andrew Roberts (Guest) M65 3 Serpentine Runners
19 34:41 Peter Hall M60 2 Silver West 4 Harriers
20 35:25 Davyd Michell (NMAC) M40 3 Helsby Running Club
21 36:50 Mike Mann M65 4 Bronze Dulwich Runners
22 37:24 Liam O'Hare M70 2 Silver Barnet & District
23 37:51 Ed Skinner M60 3 Bronze Tiptree
24 38:22 Ian Mursell M65 5 VAC
25 38:36 Andy Murray M65 6 Dulwich Runners
26 38:58 Jacqui Reid W50 1 Gold Metropolitan Police
27 39:09 David Hallson (Guest) M65 7 Road Runners Club
28 39:29 Caroline Helder W55 2 Silver Wimbedon Windmilers
29 39:33 Carol Jones W60 1 Gold Ealing Southall & Midd
30 39:57 Jane Rowden W65 1 Gold West 4 Harriers
31 41:10 Martin Wilson M65 8 Ealing Southall & Midd
32 41:41 Jane Georghiou W65 2 Silver Farnham Runners
33 43:00 Rob Sargent M60 4 Ilford AC
34 43:38 Sarah Allen W50 2 Silver Herne Hill Harriers
35 43:52 Colin Harris (Guest) M60 5 Wimbedon Windmilers
36 44:01 Phil Kelvin (Guest) W65 3 Serpentine Runners
37 45:59 Alan Davidson M70 3 Bronze Liss Runners
38 47:50 Ann Bath W65 4 Bronze 26.2 RR
39 49:20 Joe Aspinall M80 1 Gold VAC
40 49:39 Launa Broadley (Guest) W50 3 Ilford AC
41 51:31 Carole Wisdom (Guest) W60 2 Serpentine Runners
42 51:36 Bill O'Connor M70 4 Queens Park Harriers
43 52:18 Doris Gaga W50 4 Bronze Ilford AC
44 52:42 Francis Thomason M65 9 VAC
45 53:04 Julie Gillender W50 5 Ilford AC
46 53:20 Pam Jones W80 1 Gold Ilford AC
47 55:07 Ed Bartlett M70 5 VAC
48 59:12 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M85 1 Gold Sevenoaks AC


Race Walk
Category B
Race Permit No: RWA8039-3

1 David Annetts M50 (N Herts)                 42:28
2 Maureen Noel W50 (Belgrave)               51:50
3 Dan Maskell M70 (Surrey WC)                55:03
4 Fiona Bishop W55 (Woking)                   55:29
5 Chris Flint M70 (Surrey WC)                   56:17
6 Paul King M65 (Belgrave)                       56:59
7 Tom Casserley M75 (Enfield)                  57:25
8 David Hoben M65 (Surrey WC)                59:07
9 Peter Hannell M75 (Surrey WC)            01:01:01

DNF Stefano Zennaro M45 (Belgrave) (G) retired after 2 laps

The third fixture of the season and also the club championships was held yet again in fine sunny spring conditions even if a little humid.

Dave Annetts from North Herts Road Runners continued his form to have his first VAC Championship win with a PB for the course; Maureen Noel, 2017 overall winner took the ladies’ title in a similar time to last year.

Naturally with a small turnout nearly all attained gold medals; in particular Tom Casserley, from Enfield & Haringey, achieved another PB as his racing career develops.

It was good to see Kathy Crilley out on the course as marshal following her accident of April and we hope to see her name in ultra-distance results very soon.

Clerk of Course: Dennis Williams
Starter: Dennis Williams
Timekeepers/Recorders: David Harris, Carl Lawton, Tom Richards, Ian Isherwood
Walk Judge: Shaun Lightman
Entries: David Hoben, Maggie Statham, Cate Berry
Marshals: Martin Berry, Kathy Crilley
Drinks station: Cate Berry
Results: David Hoben, Maggie Statham, Dennis Williams
Photography: Jeremy Hemming
First Aid: Alison Jones

VAC Battersea Park Road Races Grand Prix 2018

The five road races of VAC’s summer series in Battersea Park count towards a Grand Prix for VAC members. To be eligible, members must compete in at least three of the five races. The person with the highest average of his or her three best age-graded performances will be awarded the Snow Cup, a trophy which dates back to 1950.

After two fixtures, a league table of age-graded results is here. Nine members have posted times in two races and the person with the best average so far is Penny Elliott (W75) with 87.32%. Terry O'Neill (M65) lies in second place with 83.28%, followed by Carol Jones (W60) on 81.17%. There are still three fixtures remaining and everyone therefore still has the opportunity to clock up the required three finishing times.

Hampstead Heath parkrun 9 June 2018

VAC runners, left to right: Andy Murray, Doug Milsom, Joe Aspinall, Lloyd Bevan, Martin Garrett, Mike Mann, Ros Tabor

Seven VAC members enjoyed the Hampstead Heath parkrun on a warm still morning. We had previously planned the VAC mob match meetup here for September 2017, but the parkrun was cancelled on the date we had chosen. This time the run coincided with the parkrun commemoration of the NHS’ 70 years, so we applauded the NHS employees who were running. The course is 2 fairly challenging undulating laps on tarmac and stony (dusty) paths. It goes past the swimming pond which was suggested by the run director as a recovery venue.

Four VAC runners won their age groups and 2 set age group records – Joe Aspinall (M80) and Ros Tabor (W65). Ros also set a new overall age grading record of 91.51%.

The next VAC parkrun mob match will be at Gunnersbury parkrun on Saturday 22 September.


82 Lloyd Bevan 2 M50 73.30% 20:47
113 Mike Mann 2 M65 74.20% 23:30
117 Ros Tabor 1 W65 91.51% 23:33
143 Andy Murray 3 M65 69.40% 24:10
200 Martin Garrett 1 M60 63.40% 26:13
296 Doug Milsom 1 M75 71.30% 28:48
318 Joe Aspinall 1 M80 71.30% 29:29

6th Jack Fitzgerald Walks, 9 June 2018, Tilgate Park, Crawley RH10 5EU
Category B Permit No: RWA8041-1

Letter of thanks from Blind Veterans UK for funds raised on Jack Fitzgerald Memorial Walks 1-08-18

Ian Richards and Maddy Shott, men's and women's race winners

Dan Maskell                                                           F
iona Bishop

Men’s 10.325 km
1. Ian Richards M70 (Steyning) 56:42
2. Mark Culshaw M50 (Ilford) 01:03:51
3. David Kemp M55 (Arena 80) 01:07:19
4. Paul Gaston M70 (Surrey WC) 01:09:22
5. Dan Maskell M70 (Surrey WC) 01:10:26
6. Stuart Maidment M65 (Steyning) 01:11:29
7. Tony Brackstone M75 (Sandhurst) 01:11:30
8. Chris Flint M70 (Surrey WC) 01:11:43
9. Mick Harran M80 (Surrey WC) 01:15:25
10. David Hoben M65 (Surrey WC) 01:17:23
11. Peter Hannell M75 (Surrey WC) 01:20:27
Women’s 10.325 km
1. Maddy Shott SW (Belgrave) 56:53
2.Melanie Peddle W45 (Loughton AC) 01:03:54
3. Eva Payton-White U20W (Lewes) 01:09:54
4.Fiona Bishop W55 (Woking) 01:10:18
5. Sue Davies W50 (AFD) 01:10:45
6. Geraldine Legon W55 (Bexley) 01:19:21
Men’s 5.9 km
1. John Killick M70 (Steyning) 44:13
2. Peter Selby M75 (Surrey WC) 46:38
3. William Hughes M70 (Walton) 47:23
Women’s 5.9 km
1. Harriet Hide W45 (Winchester) 35:45
2. Charlotte Wallis U15G (AFD) 40:41
3. Judith Carder W60 (Brighton & Hove) 42:59
 Women’s 4.425 km    
 1. Lauren Morse U17W (Lewes)  31:23
Boys 1.475km
1. Lewis Burr U11B (Tonbridge) 10:34

Veterans AC were pleased to host the sixth running of this event on a lakeside course once used as the test bed for Britain's water speed record round popular beauty spot Campbell's lake in good June weather slightly less hot than the previous weekend.

On the start line ages ranged from 10 year old Lewis Burr (Tonbridge AC), who took a minute off his PB from 2017 to Mick Harran (Surrey Walking Club) recently turned 80 who has had many successful years in athletics. In addition the entrants included a number who were new to VAC and this event.

In the headline race over 10.325 km VAC were pleased to welcome back Ian Richards from Steyning AC who came first overall in 56:42 and still holds the men’s course record set in 2013 of 50:57.

The most newsworthy item is Maddy Shott from Belgrave Harriers who came only a few seconds behind Ian Richards in 56:53 and now takes the women’s course record set in 2013 of 59:46 from Joan Lennon from Steyning AC.

The race was held to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK, as a tribute to RAF fighter pilot Jack Fitzgerald.

Judges: Shaun Lightman, Peter Cassidy, Pauline Wilson (Chief)
Starter: Dave Stevens
Entries: Maggie Statham
Time keeping/lap recording: Carl Lawton, Pam Ficken
Electronic timing: Peter Selby
Lead cyclist: Eric Parker
Marshals: Eric Parker, Jeremy Carmichael
Signage: Ron Penfold, Dave Stevens
Water station: Maggie Statham
Hospitality: Tilgate Forest Golf Centre

From an original idea by Walter Hill, SCVAC
This event is dedicated to the memory of Jack Fitzgerald 1923-2013


VAC 10 Mile Championship at Dorking 10, 3 June 2018 

Paul cheetham - Photo from Jeremy Hemming

18 VAC members arrived on a warm morning at the Dorking Rugby Club race HQ, overlooked by Box Hill.

The race started at 9am from Brockham village green and then set off along almost traffic-free country lanes around a 3 mile and then 6 mile loops before returning to the rugby ground. There were several testing hills, many of which seemed to be near the end, when heat and tiredness were already taking their toll.

Our first home was Paul Cheetham, 2nd m40 in the race and VAC 1st m45, in 57.13. About 5 minutes behind were our first m50 and m55, Terry Booth and then John Foss, who had our best age-graded performance (86.36%), winning him the Ron White shield, to be presented at his next VAC event. Our first woman home was w45 Victoria Carter in 69.25. Fiona Bishop ran here before both walking and running at the Surrey/Sussex masters champs at Ewell in the afternoon.

VAC Members at the Dorking 10M: 3 June 2018

Name First claim club. Time VAC medal position Overall race position age grade age grade posn
Paul Cheetham Thames Hare & Hounds 57.13 1 M45 2 m40-49 84.55% 3
Terry Booth Guidford & Godalming 62.51 1 M50 6 m50-59 80.87% 5
John Foss SLH 63.07 1 M55 7 m50-59 86.36% 1
James Ward Herne Hill Harriers 67.11 1 M40 19 m40-49 69.77% 11
Ian Kitching SLH 68.35 1 M65 2 m60-69 84.84% 2
Victoria Carter Thames Valley Harriers 69.25 1 W45 5 w40-49 77.51% 7
Susanna Harrison Guildford & Godalming 72.46 1 W55 5 w50-59 82.41% 4
Marie Synnott-Wells Ranelagh Harriers 73.49 1 W50 8 w50-59 79.16% 6
Jim Brown Woking AC 76.47 2 M65 8 m60-69 77.28% 8
Gerry Smith Epsom & Ewell 80.54 3 M65 13 m60-69 72.63% 10
Andy Murray Dulwich Runners 83.14 4 M65 19 m60-69 69.24% 12
Keith Brown Croydon Harriers 86.05 1 M60 22 m60-69 65.08% 14
Fiona Bishop Woking AC 87.01 2 W55 19 w50-59 72.75% 9
Stephen McDuell St Mary's Richmond AC 88.45 2 M50 79 m50-59 58.25% 17
Rob Sargent Ilford AC 90.32 2 M60 32 m60-69 63.05% 16
Julia Galea Ilford AC 103.56 1 W60 6 w60-69 63.55% 15
Ann Bath 26.2 RR 105.02 1 W65 7 w60-69 69.99% 13


VAC 1 Mile Championship at the Vitality Westminster Mile 27 May 2018

Jo Locker (r) BMAF 1st W40

Clare Elms (l) BMAF 2w, 1st W50, 1st age-graded, with Gary Budinger, Ros Tabor, Ola Balme, Tony Tuohy,(rear) Olympians, Andy Murray, Graham Laylee, Tony Austin

Penny Elliott (r) BMAF 1st W75

Joe Aspinall, Richard Pitcairn Knowles BMAF 1st M80 and M85

As several VAC members have previously enjoyed running in the 9.30 am club wave at the Westminster Mile, our committee selected it as our mile championship this year and suggested to the organisers a separate masters’ wave. This was agreed and BMAF endorsed it as the British Masters Mile medal race, with a 12.55 start now being more convenient for distantly-based runners.

The Vitality Westminster Mile incorporates a series of races throughout the day, including waves for families, club runners parkrunners, Olympians and ending up with UK senior and young athlete championships. The course is excellent, a smooth road surface starting at the Mall, passing around St James Park and finishing in front of Buckingham Palace. Clocks give split times every 400m and there is commentary at start and finish. The set-up, including assembly entertainment and bag drop in Green Park, is also used for the Vitality 10k race the next day.

180 Masters runners assembled on the start line, including 44 VAC members. We were started by Lord Coe and set off quite fast towards Admiralty Arch, before which came the first right turn at 350 metres, to pass Horseguards parade ground beyond the 400m split clock. Just before 800m we turned right into the long straight along Birdcage Walk, fortunately seeming to pass much faster and easier than it does going through mile 26 of the London Marathon. 400m, 200m, and 100m countdown signs are reached before the final right turn by a big screen showing the race. At the front of the race were several M35’s and M40’s – VAC’s only member in those age groups was Thomas Martini, who came 89th. However, there was a great run from VAC M45 Jeff Pyrah to finish 7th overall in 4:43. VAC W50 Clare Elms was leading woman until overtaken near the finish and her 2nd in 5:13 won her the BMAF shield for top age-graded m/w performance (100.6%), with Ros Tabor’s W65 6:39 equating to 97.2% and ranking 3rd.

We assembled at the BMAF marquees for presentation of their medals (see photos) and then VAC medals – thanks to Sue McDonald for helping to extract our results. Thanks also to Peter Kennedy for liaising with London Marathon Events to establish the race and get results out promptly. There were some slight hiccups in this first Masters Mile – finisher medals only to be mailed out later and some confusion over chip, gun and finish clock times – but it was a great event to take part in and should attract more runners each year. Andy Murray

Full VAC members’ results

The following VAC members were BMAF gold medal winners, first in their category in the race (chip times shown)
1st W40 Jo Locker Walton AC 5:35
1st W50/2w Clare Elms Dulwich Runners 5:13
1st W75 Penny Elliott Waverly Harriers 8:14
1st M80 Joe Aspinall VAC   8:37
1st M85 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles Sevenoaks AC 9:56





Ian Richards finishes first M70 at the 10k walk

Fiona Bishop in the 10k walk (first of her 4 events at Alicante)

Pauline Rich in the Cross Country relays
  Julia Galea finishing the half marathon


These championships for European over 35’s cover road and cross country runs plus road walks and are held every two years. This time they were held in Alicante, a pleasant, relaxed city on the south-east coast of Spain.


10K road walk Fri 18 May

This race was held on a 2k loop on a paved path beside the marina. Very picturesque but quite hard on the feet!



Ian Richards - 1st M70 54:01, and part of gold medal M70 team

Fiona Bishop - part of bronze medal W40 team

10k road run Fri 18 May
The first running race was at 6 pm for women and m55 upward at San Juan, a few miles north of Alicante. The race route was two nearly flat laps, going up and down two side roads and a section of main road, involving 3 right turns and 3 u-turns per lap plus a u-turn between laps. The temperature was mid twenties with a breeze but the tarmac had been in the sun all day. We therefore set off at a conservative pace. We were fading a bit in the heat until making use of the later water stations to splash ourselves. Despite the u-turns it was difficult to spot all the age group leaders from their fronts.



Pam Jones – 1st W80 1:09:10

Pauline Rich – 3rd W70 52:46, and part of gold medal W70 team

Ros Tabor – part of silver medal W65 team

Carol Lowes – part of bronze medal W40 team

Tony MacDowall – part of silver medal M35 team


3x2k Cross Country Relays Sat 19 May
Cross country relays are open to athletes entered by their nations, with GB offering a run to all interested, going down to B teams in age groups if necessary. The races were held inside the edge of a triangular park near the 10k course, on rough paths around 2 sides, then a couple of out and back sections on grass before completing the final side. There were a few kerbs and tree roots to avoid. Older men went at 9am, women at 10. The final race was for younger men. The main countries competing were hosts Spain, GB, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, who had loud cowbell-ringing supporters.



Tony MacDowall – part of bronze medal M35 team

Kelvin Lowes – part of bronze medal M40 team

Mike Mann – part of gold medal M65 team

Sue McDonald – part of gold medal W50 team

Fiona Bishop – part of bronze medal W55 team

Ros Tabor – part of silver medal W65 team

Pauline Rich – part of silver medal W70 team

Patricia Cummins – part of silver medal W70 team

20K (women) 30K (men) road walk Sat 19 May

These races were on the same loop as the 10k walks.



30k - Ian Richards 1st M70 3:01:20

Half Marathon Sun 20 May
This started at 8.30am on a partly cloudy morning, so no heat problems, from the seafront area of Alicante. The route was two 10.55k laps, going out near the port to the south, then back to a twisting tour inland of the city centre before hitting the coast road to the north and a u-turn back to the start. There was a steady climb around 2k and descent near 7k.



Ros Tabor - 3rd W65 1:46:16, and part of silver medal W65 team

Sue McDonald - part of silver medal W50 team

Mike Mann – part of bronze medal M65 team


Alicante offered a good choice of hotels, eating and drinking spots and very sunny weather. There were enough sights (castle, bullring, old town etc.) to cover in a weekend. As usual there was a big GB team, who were very sociable between events, although not making as much noise as the very keen Swiss. Races were mostly well-organised and sited but not particularly well-scrutinised by EMA officials and there were a few shortcomings, e.g. dangerous spots on xc course and inadequate portaloos. London has put in a bid for the next one to be held in Stratford QE2 Park in 2020 and hopefully they or the Italian counter-bidders can look after the athletes better.


Andy Murray and Ros Tabor

VAC 10km road Championships, Sutton 10K, Nonsuch Park, 20 May 2018

Ian Kitching, 1st M65                             
  Terry O'Neill, 2nd M65

Maurice Marchant and Jim Brown, M65 competitors

On a fine sunny morning, sixteen VAC members took part in the Sutton 10K, a popular race with 448 finishers. The two-lap course in and around Nonsuch Park, Cheam, looked as if it should be flat and easy, but a deceptive incline and multiple corners made it a test of stamina as well as pace.

Paul Cheetham was the first VAC finisher, seventh in the race, and VAC M45 Gold medallist, with a chip time of 34:46. Next was Jamie McLoughlin, taking the M40 Gold, with Tony Tuohy (M55) not far behind. Ian Kitching, in fine form, posted an impressive M65 time of 39:45. He was the first of VAC’s five-man M65 contingent, with Terry O’Neill taking the Silver medal and Jim Brown the Bronze.

For the VAC women, Lynda Hembury was first in a fantastic time of 42:07 which puts her at the top of this year’s W60 runbritain 10km rankings. She won the race’s W55+ prize. Next was Susannah Harrison, placing second in the W55+ category and winning the VAC W55 Gold medal.


VAC Pos. Race Pos. Name First claim club Chip Time Age Grp VAC Age Grp Pos.
1 7 Paul Cheetham Thames Hare & Hounds 34:46 M45 1
2 33 Jamie McLoughlin Walton AC 37:10 M40 1
3 35 Tony Tuohy Dulwich Runners 37:41 M55 1
4 49 Gavin Englefield SLH 39:08 M40 2
5 56 John Foss SLH 39:34 M55 2
6 65 Ian Kitching SLH 39:45 M65 1
7 98 Terry O'Neill Belgrave 41:47 M65 2
8 104 Lynda Hembury Tring RC 42:07 W60 1
9 149 Susanna Harrison Guildford & Godalming 45:06 W55 1
10 150 Jim Brown Woking AC 45:11 M65 3
11 154 Pippa Major SLH 45:33 W50 1
12 186 Gerry Smith Epsom & Ewell 47:26 M65 4
13 217 Caroline Helder Wimbledon Windmilers 48:57 W55 2
14 221 Keith Brown Croydon Harriers 49:12 M60 1
15 311 Mike Edwards Kingston & Poly 55:48 M60 2
16 344 Maurice Marchant Tonbridge AC 58:24 M65 5

Veterans AC 5M Road Race and Race Walk, 15 May 2018, Battersea Park 

Race Walk: Steve Allen and Melanie Peddle

Race Walk: Fiona Bishop, Chris Flint, Paul King

Stuart Beaney, winner of the road run

5 Mile Road Race

Conditions were fair. It was warm and dry but a little breezy in places causing dust and pollen to be an irritant for some. Guest runners were made welcome and enhanced the competition with some fine performances. One such example was the battle for first place, won by Stuart Beaney but with strong pressure in the first two laps from Gareth Creagh, a guest from Highgate Harriers. The M65 age group was keenly fought with three men posting sub-33 minute times. Ian Kitching came in first, and fifth in the race, in a time of 32:06, followed by guest Larry Cattle in 32:32 and then Terry O’Neill in 32:48.

Victoria Carter (W45) was the first woman in a good time of 32:55. Next came Caroline Helder and Carol Jones, within three seconds of each other. Penny Elliott’s time of 43:21 was over a minute quicker than her time in the April race, and only 18 seconds short of Pam Jones’s W75 course record of 43:03 set in 2012.

Age graded performances for VAC members are here. Penny Elliott (W75) headed the table, followed by M65s, Ian Kitching and Terry O'Neill.

Race Position Time Name Age Group Age Gp Position First Claim Club
1 28:06 Stuart Beaney M40 1 Kent AC
2 28:28 Gareth Creagh (Guest) M40 2 Highgate Harriers
3 29:02 Martin Murray (NEMAA) M50 1 New Marske Harriers
4 30:52 Gavin Mackay M45 1 Petts Wood Runners
5 32:06 Ian Kitching M65 1 SLH
6 32:12 Alex Jeffreys (Guest) M40 3 Serpentine Runners
7 32:32 Larry Cattle (Guest) M65 2 Unattached
8 32:48 Terry O'Neill M65 3 Belgrave Harriers
9 32:55 Martyn Annetts (Guest) M50 2 North Herts RR
10 32:58 Victoria Carter W45 1 Thames Valley Harriers
11 33:13 Peter Eckersley (BMAF Open) M60 1 BRAT
12 33:16 Tom Cheetham (Guest) M50 3 Hercules Wimbledon
13 34:16 Davyd Michell (NMAC) M40 4 Helsby Running Club
14 35:18 Martin Daoud M55 1 Ealing Southall & Midd
15 35:20 Lloyd Bevan M50 4 Serpentine RC
16 37:13 Mike Mann M65 4 Dulwich Runners
17 37:56 Caroline Helder W55 1 Wimbedon Windmilers
18 37:59 Carol Jones W60 1 Ealing Southall & Midd
19 38:46 David Hallson (Guest) M65 5 Road Runners Club
20 41:55 Ian Mursell M65 6 VAC
21 42:16 Sarah Allen W50 1 Herne Hill Harriers
22 42:48 Phil Kelvin (Guest) W65 1 Serpentine Runners
23 43:21 Penny Elliott W75 1 Waverley Harriers
24 48:52 Joe Aspinall M80 1 VAC
25 53:31 Ed Bartlett M70 1 VAC
26 55:03 Maria Ellis W55 2 VAC
27 55:18 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M85 1 Sevenoaks AC
Veterans AC 5M Race Walk, 15 May 2018, Battersea Park, London SW11
Permit No: RWA8039-2 Category B

The second race of the summer series took place in fine dry conditions, and not too hot to race in. The entries were a little down, due to the proximity of other events including Alicante. Dave Annetts (N Herts RR), Steve Allen (Barnet) and Melanie Peddle (Loughton) continued their season’s form. Tom Casserley who had signed up recently for VAC was rewarded with a new PB.

5 Mile Race Walk

Clerk of the Course and Starter: Dennis Williams
Timekeepers/Recorders: David Harris, Carl Lawton, Tom Richards, Ian Isherwood
Walk Judges: John Hall, Shaun Lightman
Entries: David Hoben, Maggie Statham
Marshals: Martin Berry, Mick Barlow
Drinks station: Maggie Statham
Results: David Hoben, Maggie Statham
First Aid: Alison Jones

Veterans AC, Surrey, Herts and Middlesex 10k Track Championships, Battersea Park, London SW11 25 April 2018
RWA Permit No RWA8040-1 Category A

Photos from C Hide - Mass start

David Annetts overall winner & Herts winner; Ian Richards (91) striding out in first M70 race

The annual VAC and Counties championships took place in good racing conditions on a cool bright evening.

Dave Annetts from N Herts RR had an excellent win and also won the Herts champs for the first time, and was also presented with the county cup. Ken and Margaret Livermore attended the Herts county medal presentations, which were made by county representative Ken Livermore.

Penelope Cummings from AFD also had an excellent race to become first lady overall and first Surrey lady. Runner up was ever present Fiona Bishop from Woking AC who did well in spite of doing the London Marathon only 3 days earlier.
Ian Richards from Steyning had his first race as M70 and achieved an unofficial WR, with plenty to look forward to in the rest of the year.

First placed for Surrey was Tor-Ivar Guttulsrød (Hercules Wimbledon) and for Middlesex John Hall (Enfield & Haringey).


1 David Annetts (N Herts RR) M50 [1] 52:41.4 Herts
2 Ian Richards (Steyning) M70 [1] 53:30.5 N/A
3 Tor-Ivar Guttulsrød (Hercules Wimbledon) M50 (G) 55:48.7 Surrey
4 Penelope Cummings (AFD) W40 [1] 59:53.3 Surrey
5 John Hall (Enfield) M65 [1] 01:01:49.7 Middx
6 Steve Allen (Barnet) M60 01:03:43.5 Herts
7 Maureen Noel (Belgrave) W50 [1] 01:04:47.9 Middx
8 Gary Smith (Enfield) (SCVAC) (G) M60 01:05:03.5 Herts
9 Bob Lyne (Crusaders) (Ireland) (G) M50 01:05:16.4 N/A
10 Fiona Bishop (Woking) W55 [1] 01:07:27.4 Surrey
11 John Borgars (Herts Phoenix) (EMAC) (G) M70 01:08:12.2 Herts
12 Shaun Lightman (SWC) M75 [1]


13 Glen Keegan (Herne Hill H) M50 01:11:08.8 Surrey
14 Mick Harran (SWC) M75 [2] 01:11:25.8 Surrey
15 Peter Hannell (SWC) M75 [3] 01:14:12.8 Surrey
16 Sean Pender (Enfield) (G) M60 01:17:19.7 Middx
17 Maddy Shott (Belgrave) (G) SW


Championship results in square brackets
County championships:

D Annetts, S Allen, G Smith

J Hall, S Lightman, S Pender

P Cummings, F Bishop
Tor-Ivar Guttulsrød, G Keegan, M Harran

Starter: Maurice Joyce
Judges: Michael Croft
Timekeepers: David Harris, Don Turner
Recorders: Ros Tabor, Anna Garnier, Carl Lawton, Mike May, Michael Johnson, Cliff Hide, Tom Richards, Dave Hoben, Dennis Williams, Ian Isherwood, Peter Ryan
Chip timing & photo finish: Don Anderson

Veterans AC 5M Road Race and Race Walk, 17 April 2018, Battersea Park

Mick Barlow, Lloyd Bevan, Mike Mann, Peter Hall
Gary Towers  Penny Elliott
Shaun Lightman, Chris Flint, Paul King

5 Mile Road Race
Conditions were good for the first fixture of the series, not too warm or too cold, and only a gentle breeze. Simon Baines (M45) and Gary Ironmonger (M55) were rewarded by capturing two longstanding course records. Simon won the race in a time of 26:59, becoming one of the very few to dip under 27 minutes on this 5M course. His time knocked five seconds off Richard Tomlinson’s old M45 course record of 27:04. Paul Cheetham and Gary Towers, both M45, battled each other to finish second and third, with Paul pulling away towards the end to win by 15 seconds in a time of 27:23. Gary Ironmonger was fourth in 27:47 and at last bettered Liam O’Hare’s M55 course record of 27:49 set way back in 2005. Despite being in fine form, he only beat it by two seconds, a testament to the quality of this challenging record.

Performances to note were from Bob Bradbury, M60, in ninth position in a time of 31:06 and Terry O’Neill, M65, in 13th position with 33:03. In the middle of the field, there was a good competition between five 34-minute men, with Mick Barlow getting ahead.

For the women, Carol Jones was the first finisher in a time of 37:57 which puts her high in the W60 Runbritain rankings for 5M. Penny Elliott posted an excellent early season time of 44:28 placing her at the top of the W75 rankings for 5 miles.

Age graded performances for VAC members are here. Gary Ironmonger's record-breaking run scored over 91% as an age-graded percentage and puts him at the top of the table. Race-winner, Simon Baines, comes in at second place with 87% followed, in third, by Penny Elliott on 86%. However, it's early days and three performances are required to qualify for the Grand Prix.

Race Position Time Name Age Group Age Grp position First Claim Club
1 26:59* Simon Baines* M45 1 THH
2 27:23 Paul Cheetham M45 2 THH
3 27:38 Gary Towers M45 3 Eton Manor AC
4 27:47** Gary Ironmonger** M55 1 Herne Hill Harriers
5 28:29 Dan Madams M40 1 Tonbridge AC
6 29:09 Simon Thompson M35 1 Herne Hill Harriers
7 29:47 Robin Jones M45 4 Herne Hill Harriers
8 30:06 Jamie McLoughlin M40 2 Walton AC
9 31:06 Bob Bradbury (SCVAC) M60 1 Woking AC
10 31:11 Vic Maughn M55 2 Herne Hill Harriers
11 32:11 Neil Cheetham (Guest) M35 2 Visitor from New Zealand
12 32:38 Darryl Coulter (NI Masters) M45 5 Kent AC
13 33:03 Terry O'Neill M65 1 Belgrave Harriers
14 34:03 Mick Barlow (Guest) M50 1 Kent AC
15 34:31 Davyd Michell (NMAC) M40 3 Helsby Running Club
16 34:41 Peter Hall M55 3 West 4 Harriers
17 34:48 Mike Mann M65 2 Dulwich Runners
18 34:57 Lloyd Bevan M50 2 Serpentine RC
19 35:09 Richard Pitt M60 2 THH
20 35:18 Tony Harran M55 4 Herne Hill Harriers
21 37:57 Carol Jones W60 1 Ealing Southall & Midd
22 38:36 David Hallson (Guest) M65 3 Road Runners Club
23 41:13 Colin Harris (Guest) M60 3 Wimbledon Windmilers
24 41:21 Martin Wilson M65 4 Ealing Southall & Midd
25 41:50 Phil Kelvin (Guest) W65 1 Serpentine Runners
26 43:57 Sarah Allen W50 1 Herne Hill Harriers
27 44:28 Penny Elliott W75 1 Waverley Harriers
28 45:45 Michael Leigh (Guest) M70 1 Hercules Wimbledon
29 46:45 Alan Davidson M70 2 Liss RC
30 49:48 John Wilks M50 3 Herne Hill Harriers
31 50:14 Joe Aspinall M75 1 VAC
32 55:02 Ed Bartlett M70 3 VAC
33 59:36 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M85 1 Sevenoaks AC
* M45 Course Record (old record: 27:04, Richard Tomlinson, 13 May 2014)
** M55 Course Record (old record: 27:49, Liam O'Hare, 10 May 2005)

Veterans AC 5M Race Walk, 17 April 2018, Battersea Park, London SW11

Permit No: RWA8039-1 Category B

The opening races of the summer series took place in fine dry conditions, with the occasional gust of wind.

The times were respectable given that nearly all the field had raced at Gravesend only 3 days before.

VAC had a new men’s race winner as Seb Parris who had won the VAC 15k at the Gravesend meeting cruised home in 43:26, and Melanie Peddle had another good race to be second overall and first lady home in 49:59, in fact the runners in the accompanying race were impressed too!

Tom Casserley who had signed up recently for EHAC continued his form at the Gravesend meeting.

5 Mile Race Walk

1 Seb Parris (Ilford)



2 Melanie Peddle (Loughton) (EMAC) (G)



3 Steve Allen (Barnet) (G)



4 Maureen Noel (Belgrave)



5 Shaun Lightman (SWC)



6 Chris Flint (SWC)



7 Paul King (Belgrave)



8 Tom Casserley (Enfield)



9 David Hoben (SWC)



10 Peter Hannell (SWC)



11 Kathy Crilley (SWC)



Clerk of the Course and Starter: Dennis Williams
Timekeepers/Recorders: David Harris, Carl Lawton, Liam O'Hare, Tom Richards
Walk Judge: Michael Croft
Entries: David Hoben, Maggie Statham
Marshals: Martin Berry, Dennis Williams
Drinks station: Maggie Statham
Results: David Hoben, Maggie Statham
First Aid: Alison Jones

Cecil Gittins Memorial Walks, Cyclopark Gravesend, 14 April 2018 

The start

15km Race: Malcolm Martin (2nd), Seb Parris (winner), Ollie Hopkins (3rd)
Ilford walkers: Janice Bentley Pearson, Lesley Morris, Anne Scurfield, Rachel Lawless, Stuart Bennett

Cecil Gittins Memorial Walks
Cyclopark, Gravesend
14 April 2018

Veterans AC 2.5k/5k/10k/15k road race incorporating Enfield League
RWA Race permit no: RWA8038-1 (Category B)

Veterans AC were pleased to host the third running of this event on a dedicated cycle circuit which in shape and gradients can only be described as a large Scalextric set.

In all there were 42 entries, and 39 on the line, a little down on 2017, with ages ranging from 11 to 85.

We were also pleased to welcome Pauline Nihill, wife of Olympic silver medallist Paul Nihill MBE and Noel Carmody, current RWA president.

A loud round of applause was given by the walkers in the traditional Enfield League way to commemorate the life of Bernie Hercock, president of Enfield & Haringey AC, who had sadly passed away since the Donkey Lane meeting.

Given that the winter was prolonged and there had been a gap in the race calendar the times were respectable; the favourable and sunny weather this time took some by surprise!

The 15k was won in 85:24 by an in form Seb Parris (Ilford AC), with runner up Malcolm Martin (SWC) in 85:38 and coming in third for his first attempt at this distance was Ollie Hopkins (Lewes AC) with a creditable 88:22.

For the ladies’ 15k only entry was Angela Martin (SWC) who put in a gritty performance having had layoffs with injury in previous year finishing in 114.06.

For the 10k headline race which was to score in the Enfield League 2018 series this was not unsurprisingly won by Portuguese international Francisco Reis (TVH) in 50.45, the runner up was David Crane (SWC) in 52.34, and a third place for Seb Parris (Ilford AC) in 56.57 who went on to complete the 15k. The ladies race was won by 2017 overall League winner Helen Middleton in 61.29, second place was the ever-improving Melanie Peddle in 63.00, and a pb for Jacqueline Benson (Ashford AC) as she climbed to 65.11.

The supporting races included Abi Smith (BBHAC) who won her 2.5k race and is continuing her form.

VAC are grateful to Ron Wallwork for allowing this race to be incorporated in the Enfield League series.



Dave Annetts


N Herts RR

John Ralph


Enfield & Haringey

Paul Gaston


Surrey WC




Abigail Smith


Blackheath & Bromley H



Charlotte Wallis





Millie Morris


Medway & Maidstone



Katie Brash


Blackheath & Bromley H





Linda Mountford





Val Mountford






Peter Hannell


Surrey WC



Chris Edwards


Surrey WC



Dave Ainsworth





Ken Livermore


Enfield & Haringey





Helen Middleton


Enfield & Haringey



Melanie Peddle





Jacqueline Benson





Andrea Ingram





Fiona Bishop





Janice Bentley Pearson





Rachel Lawless





Angela Martin*


Surrey WC



Anne Scurfield





Lesley Morris





Maddy Shott





Francisco Reis


Thames Valley Harriers



David Crane


Surrey WC



Seb Parris*





Malcolm Martin*


Surrey WC



Ollie Hopkins*





Chris Hobbs





Martin Fisher*


Redcar RWC



Stuart Bennett





Richard Emsley


Saints & Sinners



Gary Smith


Enfield & Haringey



Andy Cox





John Borgars





Chris Flint*


Surrey WC



Tom Casserley


Enfield & Haringey



Mick Harran


Surrey WC



Mark Culshaw*





David Hoben


Surrey WC



Sean Pender


Enfield & Haringey





Angela Martin


Surrey WC




Seb Parris





Malcolm Martin


Surrey WC



Ollie Hopkins





Martin Fisher


Redcar RWC



Mark Culshaw





Chris Flint


Surrey WC


*continued to 15k


Judges: Shaun Lightman (chief), Peter Selby, Doug Hopkins

Starter: Ron Penfold

Time keeping: Carl Lawton, Maggie Statham

Lap recording: Pam Ficken

Lead cyclist & judges' runner: Eric Parker

Hospitality: Cyclopark, Gravesend

European Masters Championships Indoors, Madrid 19-24 March 2018

Dalbir Singh Deol

, Ros Tabor in the W65 1500m

 The m60+ cross country race

These championships are held every other year, with the Worlds in between, and cover indoor races up to 3k, field events plus outdoor 5k xc and walks. The stadium in use was about 3 miles south west of the city centre and was very modern, with spectator seating and display areas all round. Catering, registration and medal presentations were in adjoining marquees. It was great to watch the GB team gain second place in the overall medal table.

The championships were well organised and well supported by a large Spanish athlete entry. We had free use of public transport and Madrid was a great place to look around, with good architecture, galleries and eating and drinking places for our time away from the stadium. Unfortunately the main Retiro Park was shut most of the week due to danger from wind-damaged trees.

Cross country races were held on the last day in a linear park on high ground just across the road from the stadium, 3 laps of an undulating loop of about a mile, nearly all on firm paths. A cold wind blew against the runners on the first uphill section.

There are two further masters champs in Spain this year -European non-stadia (10k and half marathon) in Alicante in May and World track and field, plus some road, in Malaga in September. Any British VAC member can enter and be part of the GB team.

Andy Murray

Full VAC results here...

Congratulations to our gold medal winners below and to all our other medal winners and participants.

European Champion VAC members
M90 60m, 200m, 400m Dalbir Singh Deol
M85 1500m, 3000m, 5k xc Richard Pitcairn-Knowles
M65 200m Wally Franklin
W65 800m, 1500m Ros Tabor
W65 Pole Vault Sue Yeomans
W60 1500m Anna Garnier
M40 400m Gavin Stephens
W40 200m, 400m Susie McGloughlin
W35 800m Fiona de Mauny

Croydon Harriers Invitational Cross Country, Lloyd Park, 17 March 2018

Maggie Statham

VAC members are invited each year to run in this end-of-season cross country fixture in Lloyd Park. The fixture had been postponed from 3 March because of snow but, unluckily, the conditions on 17 March were even worse. It was bitterly cold, with a biting wind and snow covering the wet, greasy, mud, customary for Lloyd Park. The six mile distance was a challenge for the 18 hardy finishers. Maggie Statham was VAC's representative, finishing in 13th position. VAC also provided a course marshal, Paddy Clark, who was sent to a windswept far corner of the course to direct and encourage the runners, a task he performed admirably. The results are here.

VAC Indoor T&F Championships, Lee Valley, 25 February 2018

Once again, VAC’s indoor championships were held at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre as part of the South of England Masters championships. This was a well-attended meeting ranging from M35/W35s to M85s. As age-group winners, over forty VAC members were awarded nearly sixty SoE Gold medals. John Batchelor and Gary Ironmonger won three apiece and twelve members took home two Golds.

In the 60m sprints, there were wins for VAC’s Richard Pitcairn-Knowles (M85), Allan Long (M75), John Browne (M60), Pat Logan (M55), Chris Taplin (M50), Sue Dassie (W65), Angela Bates (W50) and Susan McLoughlin (W40). Gold medalists in the 200m included Richard Pitcairn-Knowles (M85), Wally Franklyn (M65), Pat Logan (M55), Stuart Channon (M40), Angela Bates (W50) and Susan McLoughlin (W40). Gold medalists in the 400m were John Batchelor (M75), Terry Bissett (M70), Steven Tester (M35), Joanna Flowers (W45) and Rhiannon Needham (W35). Winners in the 60m hurdles were Barry Ferguson (M75), Emily McMahon (W65) and Wendy Lewis (W50).

Turning to the middle distance events, in the 800m there were wins for John Batchelor (M75), Peter Hamilton (M70), Gary Ironmonger (M55), Ros Tabor (W65), Andrea Sanders-Reece (W60), Susan McDonald (W50), Liz Amos (W40) and Rhiannon Needham (W35). Winners in the 1500m were Steve Atkinson (M50), Gary Ironmonger (M55), Peter Hamilton (M70), Ros Tabor (W65) and Lisa Webb (W50). In the 3000m, John Batchelor (M75), Alan Camp (M60), Gary Ironmonger (M55), Ian Johnston (M50) and Matthew Preston (M45) finished as winners.

VAC had good representation in the shot put with wins for Kathleen Moeller (W40), Fiona Argent (W60), Liz Sissons (W70), Dan Upton (M40), Robert Shephard (M55), Keith Seldon (M60), Patrick Reynolds (M65) and Clifford Taylor (M85). In the triple jump events Tina Howell (W35), Clifford Warren (M55), Patrick Reynolds (M65), Allan Cheers (M70) and Allan Long (M75) were Gold medalists. Winning long jumpers were Stuart Channon (M40), Richard Weekes (M50), Patrick Reynolds (M65), Allan Cheers (M70) and Allan Long (M75), while Wendy Lewis (W50) was a high jump winner. Finally, Brian Slaughter (M60) and Sue Dassie (W65) won their pole vault events.

Full results are available on the BMAF website.

Southern Counties Veterans AC Indoor Championships (incorporating Veterans AC Championships 3k walk), Lee Valley 18 February 2018

3k indoor track

1 [1] David Annetts North Herts M50 14:44.68
2 [3] John Hall Belgrave M65 16:39.46
3 [6] Peter Hannell SWC M75 22:24.07

Square brackets denote position in combined race

Another day, another win, another PB for Dave Annetts.

VAC at South Norwood parkrun, 17 February 2018

South Norwood parkrun: VAC runners, left to right: Andy Murray, Ros Tabor, William Fordham, John Carter, Mike Mann, Jane Hughes, Jo Quantrill, Maggie Statham, Richard Pitcairn-Knowles


10 VAC members went to this fairly new parkrun in South London for our latest ‘mob match’ outing.
The course is 2 laps on stony paths round the country park. It is still quite a small event so we were all able to run freely from the start. Conditions were good, with little or no wind. The puddles could be avoided. There is one small hill on each lap.

VAC members set the following age group records:

Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M85
Ros Tabor W65
Maggie Statham W60
Mike Mann 1st M65 22.53 76.18%
Ros Tabor 1st W65 23.54 90.17%
Andy Murray 2nd M60 23.58 69.33%
Maggie Statham 1st W60 24.18 83.40%
Bill Fordham 3rd M65 24.47 68.33%
Jo Quantrill 2nd W60 24.58 78.84%
John Carter 1st M70 26.46 69.61%
Jane Hughes 1st W55 27.03 68.76%
Sarah Allen 4th W50 28.58 60.87%
Richard Pitcairn-Knowles 1st M85 33.49 71.86%

We try and choose parkruns from different localities around London, so as many members as possible have a chance to join in. The next event scheduled is Hampstead Heath parkrun on Saturday 9 June.

Men’s Surrey League Cross Country, Lloyd Park, 10 February 2018

Tony Harran, Barry Attwell, Gary Ironmonger and Vic Maughn

Gary Ironmonger, first VAC

Gary Budinger

Andy Murray and Team Manager, Paddy Clark, tend to the gazebo

Eight VAC men started the final match of the series at a cold and muddy Lloyd Park. Constant rain made the usual slippery two lap, 5 mile, course even more challenging. Gary Ironmonger was first home for VAC in a great 7th place in Division Four, and 1st M55. The trio of Vic Maughn, Barry Attwell and Tony Harran held firm in the top half of the racers to take valuable places. Vic was 2nd M55 and Barry was 1st M60. Andy Murray and Carey Gray followed, reversing their usual finish order, with Andy ahead of Carey this match. Gary Budinger wasn’t far behind. VAC’s 8th starter, Tony Austin, wisely dropped out, feeling unwell having struggled round the first lap. Perhaps the biggest casualty of the day was the VAC gazebo which finally bent its legs and succumbed to the wind and rain, having sheltered us well throughout the season.

With three men short of a full team, VAC finished in 10th position on the day. This brought us in at 8th overall, with a total score of 2680.5 in the final standings, but tantalisingly close to Elmbridge in 7th, with only 1.5 points difference. The Surrey League also makes awards to leading individuals in the M40-49, M50-59 and M60 age groups. VAC’s Gary Ironmonger won the silver medal in the M50 category with his four great performances. Carey Gray and Andy Murray also ran in every fixture. Carey hasn’t missed a match since 2011!

Thanks go to Paddy Clark, the team manager, who has marshalled the team, provided the essential practical support and kept spirits high.

VAC Placings, Division Four, Lloyd Park
Race Pos. Time Name Age Group Age Grp. Position
7 32:22 Gary Ironmonger M55 1
32 35:26 Vic Maughn M55 2
36 36:05 Barry Attwell M60 1
45 36:47 Tony Harran M55 5
94 42:44 Andy Murray M60 4
97 43:20 Carey Gray M55 11
102 45:18 Gary Budinger M55 13
DNF Tony Austin M60
115 finishers

Division 4 Team results, Lloyd Park
1 Holland Sports 228.
2 Collingwood 296.
3 Horley Harriers 419.
4 Runnymede Runners 471.
5 British Airways 574.
6 Windrush AC 608.
7 Lingfield Runners 618.
8 Wild Trail Runners 628.5.
9 Barnes Runners 687.
10 VAC 717.5.
11 Elmbridge 989.
12 Epsom Oddballs 1024.

Division 4: Final Overall Team Results
1 Collingwood 1300.
2 Runnymede Runners 1476.
3 Holland Sports 1584.
4 Horley Harriers 1905.
5 Wild Trail Runners 2155.5.
6 Windrush AC 2642.
7 Elmbridge 2679.
8 VAC 2680.5.
9 Lingfield Runners 2936.
10 British Airways 2954.
11 Barnes Runners 3042.
12 Epsom Oddballs 3686.

Full results of the Division 3/4 match and team placings are here.

VAC Cross Country Championships and Masters Open race, Wimbledon Common 20 January 2018

VAC CC Champs, the starting line-up (photo by Stephanie Burchill)

Margaret Moody, Maggie Statham, Ros Tabor, Penny Forse, Andy Murray (photo by Martin Berry)

Ros Tabor, Margaret Moody, Fiona Russell, Maggie Statham, Carol Jones, Patricia Thomas (photo by Martin Berry)

Fifty runners completed the 4.5 mile course on Wimbledon Common in the worst rain that most could remember for VAC’s championship race. The two-lap course presented a tough challenge with deep puddles, muddy swathes and soggy sand on the horse-ride hill.

Paul Cheetham won the race in a time of 25:31, only 21 seconds short of the M45 course record, set in much more favourable conditions. Fellow M45, Gary Towers, was second, only 19 seconds behind, having been in the lead for a while. In third place came Dan Hallam, first M40, in 27:07, closely followed by first M55, Gary Ironmonger, in 27:15. Terry Booth had a great run, finishing 9th to win the M50 Gold medal. Peter Giles was also in good form and in drier conditions would surely have broken his own M70 course record, which he missed by just 18 seconds. Barry Attwell and Mike Mann won the M60 and M65 Golds. Although it wasn’t a day for breaking records, a brand new M85 age-group record was posted by Richard Pitcairn-Knowles. His time of 52:30 was faster than his M80 record of 52:46 set in 2016!

For the women, Tracy Galbraith from Eastern Veterans led the way, finishing in a good time of 31:16, taking the W50 Open Gold medal. First for VAC was Lucy Woolhouse, the W55 Gold medallist, in a time of 31:38, holding her own in a fine battle for places as she and four men all finished in a six second burst. Marie Synnott-Wells (W50), Fiona Russell (W45), Margaret Moody (W65), Maggie Statham (W60) and Lesley Bowcott (W70) all won Gold medals in their age groups.

Special thanks on such a wet day go to the officials and helpers.

Finish Line: Stephanie Burchill, Maurice Doogan, Tom Richards, Don Turner
Registration: Martin Berry, Maggie Statham
Results: Peter Kennedy, Janet Kennedy
Marshals: Joe Aspinall, Paddy Clark, Dennis Williams
Course setters: Mike Mann, Andy Murray, Dennis Williams
Medical Support: Alison Jones

VAC Cross Country Championships, Wimbedon Common, 20 January 2018
Pos. Bib Time Name Age Gp. Club VAC pos. OPEN pos. First Claim Club
1 54 25:31 Paul Cheetham M45 VAC M45-1 Barnes Runners
2 7 25:49 Gary Towers M45 VAC M45-2 Eton Manor AC
3 3 27:07 Dan Hallam M40 VAC M40-1 Herne Hill Harriers
4 42 27:15 Gary Ironmonger M55 VAC M55-1 Herne Hill Harriers
5 12 27:34 Tony Tuohy M55 VAC M55-2 Dulwich Runners AC
6 51 28:06 Rob Marcus M40 Guest M40-2 Walton AC
7 43 28:25 Len Reilly M55 VAC M55-3 Kent AC
8 58 28:34 Felix Allen M45 VAC M45-3 Hercules Wimbledon AC
9 8 30:28 Terry Booth M50 VAC M50-1 Guildford & Godalming AC
10 29 31:16 Tracy Galbraith W50 EVAC W50-1 Oxford City AC
11 10 31:26 Andrew Simms M50 VAC M50-2 Herne Hill Harriers
12 9 31:33 Philip Cross M50 VAC M50-3 Woking AC
13 50 31:34 James Bartosik M35 Guest M35-1 Walton AC
14 49 31:36 Tony Harran M55 VAC M55-4 Herne Hill Harriers
15 33 31:38 Lucy Woolhouse W55 VAC W55-1 Veterans AC
16 22 31:39 Peter Giles M70 VAC M70-1 Hercules Wimbledon AC
17 56 31:50 Barry Attwell M60 VAC M60-1 South London Harriers
18 47 31:57 Victor Maughn M55 VAC M55-5 Herne Hill Harriers
19 41 32:00 Tom Cheetham M50 Guest M50-4 Hercules Wimbledon AC
20 53 32:03 Richard Clark M60 VAC M60-2 Hercules Wimbledon AC
21 55 32:34 Andrew Masters M40 Guest M40-3 Lewes AC
22 46 32:36 Matteo Maino M50 Guest M50-5 Barnes Runners
23 19 32:52 Michael Mann M65 VAC M65-1 Dulwich Runners AC
24 20 32:58 Stephen Plested M65 VAC M65-2 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
25 31 33:06 Cathy Stewart W50 SCVAC W50-2 Aldershot Farnham & District AC
26 44 33:31 Marie Synnott-Wells W50 VAC W50-1 Ranelagh Harriers
27 27 33:46 Fiona Russell W45 VAC W45-1 Mornington Chasers
28 18 33:52 Peter Kennedy M65 VAC M65-3 Lewes AC
29 4 34:17 Trevor Robinson M40 EVAC M40-4 Dagenham 88 Runners
30 32 34:59 Patricia Thomas W50 VAC W50-2 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
31 30 35:12 Mary Setyabule W50 VAC W50-3 Herne Hill Harriers
32 36 35:18 Penny Forse W65 SCVAC W65-1 Stubbington Green Runners
33 38 35:30 Margaret Moody W65 VAC W65-1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC
34 23 35:39 Roger Green M70 VAC M70-2 Woodford Green with Essex Ladies
35 34 35:55 Maggie Statham W60 VAC W60-1 Holland Sports AC
36 39 35:58 Ros Tabor W65 VAC W65-2 Dulwich Runners AC
37 15 36:07 Andy Murray M60 VAC M60-3 Dulwich Runners AC
38 6 36:30 Gareth George M45 VAC M45-4 Epsom & Ewell Harriers
39 37 37:35 Jane Georghiou W65 VAC W65-3 Farnham Runners
40 45 37:41 Carol Jones W60 VAC W60-2 Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC
41 13 38:23 Anthony Austin M60 VAC M60-4 Hercules Wimbledon AC
42 14 39:03 Martin Garrett M60 VAC M60-5 Sudbury Court RC
43 11 39:28 Ian Strong M55 VAC M55-6 Epsom Oddballs RC
44 21 39:37 John Carter M70 VAC M70-3 Wimbledon Windmilers
45 48 39:39 Jo Quantrill W60 VAC W60-3 South London Harriers
46 28 41:38 Sarah Allen W50 VAC W50-4 Herne Hill Harriers
47 40 44:02 Lesley Bowcott W70 VAC W70-1 Wimbledon Windmilers
48 57 44:36 Christine Munden W45 Guest W45-2 Thames Valley Harriers
49 52 47:05 Bill O'Connor M70 VAC M70-4 Queens Park Harriers
50 25 52:30 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M85 VAC M85-1 Sevenoaks AC