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VAC Battersea Park Snow Cup Grand Prix 2018

Ian Kitching, Snow Cup winner                                            Carol Jones, top placed woman

Congratulations to Ian Kitching, the worthy winner of the Battersea Park Grand Prix with an excellent average age grading of 86.39%. Fellow M65, Terry O’Neill, was second with an average of 82.92%, followed by first woman, Carol Jones, W60, with 80.08%.

To be eligible, members had to register times in at least three of the five road races. The person with the highest average of his or her three best age-graded performances would be awarded the Snow Cup, a beautiful trophy which dates to 1950. Eighteen VAC members qualified for the 2018 competition.
Snow Cup League Table, Battersea Park Road Race Grand Prix 2018 
Pos. VAC Member's Name Age-graded %*  Age Grp. Club
Avg. best 3 races
1 Ian Kitching 86.39 M65 SLH
2 Terry O'Neill 82.92 M65 Belgrave Harriers
3 Carol Jones 80.08 W60 Ealing Southall & Midd.
4 Mike Mann 79.98 M65 Dulwich Runners
5 Robin Jones 79.32 M45 Herne Hill Harriers
6 Gavin Mackay 79.12 M45 Petts Wood Runners
7 Liam O'Hare 78.05 M70 Barnet & District
8 Peter Hall 76.27 M60 West 4 Harriers
9 Caroline Helder 75.49 W55 Wimbledon Windmilers
10 Martin Daoud 72.68 M55 Ealing Southall & Midd.
11 Jacqui Reid 71.02 W50 Metropolitan Police
12 Joe Aspinall 70.88 M80 VAC
13 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles 70.68 M85 Sevenoaks AC
14 Ian Mursell 69.33 M65 VAC
15 Martin Wilson 67.92 M65 Ealing Southall & Midd.
16 Sarah Allen 66.06 W50 Herne Hill Harriers
17 Alan Davidson 63.08 M70 Liss Runners
18 Ed Bartlett 55.10 M70 VAC
* Age grading based on actual age, using World Masters Athletics Road age-grading calculator 2015.

Thanks go to all the VAC members and guest runners who competed in Battersea Park over the summer. We start again in April 2019!
A summary of all the age-graded performances for each VAC member who ran at Battersea in 2018 is here.

VAC 5M Road Race and 5M Race Walk, 7 August 2018, Battersea Park

Robbie Cox (152), race winner, and Matt Woodman, 2nd place
Above photo from Jeremy Hemming

Hannah Roberts, 1st woman, Thomas Martini

Bob Bradbury, top ranked M65                                            
Ed Bartlett, ever-present

Peter Wootton, Terry O'Neill, Davyd Michell

Race walkers: Paul King, Tom Casserley, David Hoben

Dan Maskell                                                           
Fiona Bishop
Above photos from Cate Berry

5M Road Race
Race Position Time Name Age Group Age Gp Pos VAC, BMAF or Guest First Claim Club
1 28:32 Robbie Cox M35 1 Guest Woodford Green with EL
2 28:38 Matthew Woodman M40 1 VAC Stafford Harriers
3 29:12 Robin Jones M45 1 VAC Herne Hill Harriers
4 29:32 Jonathan Ratcliffe M50 1 SCVAC Herne Hill Harriers
5 30:24 Bob Bradbury M65 1 SCVAC Woking AC
6 30:27 Gavin Mackay M45 2 VAC Petts Wood Runners
7 30:55 Tim Sharp M40 2 Guest Kent AC
8 31:00 Peter Mannion M55 1 Guest Windle Valley Runners
9 31:14 Darren Woods Senior Guest Striders of Croydon
10 32:21 Ian Kitching M65 2 VAC SLH
11 32:33 John Gurney M60 1 SCVAC Petts Wood Runners
12 32:37 Hannah Roberts W35 1 SCVAC Petts Wood Runners
13 33:43 Thomas Martini M40 3 VAC Serpentine RC
14 33:57 Peter Wootton M50 2 VAC Chiltern Harriers AC
15 33:59 Tom Cheetham M50 3 Guest Hercules Wimbledon
16 34:05 Paul Sanderson M60 2 VAC Guildford & Godalming AC
17 34:27 Terry O'Neill M65 3 VAC Belgrave Harriers
18 34:31 Martin Daoud M55 2 VAC Ealing Southall & Midd
19 34:33 Patrick Thielemans M40 4 SCVAC Serpentine RC
20 34:44 David Bowker M55 3 EMAC Fairlands Valley Spartans
21 34:54 Davyd Michell M40 5 NMAC Helsby Running Club
22 36:33 Liam O'Hare M70 1 VAC Barnet & District
23 39:40 Ian Mursell M65 4 VAC VAC
24 40:19 Jacqui Reid W50 1 VAC Metropolitan Police
25 41:02 Lynn Wilson W60 1 VAC Ealing Southall & Midd
26 41:51 Martin Wilson M65 5 VAC Ealing Southall & Midd
27 43:13 Peter Sanders M50 4 Guest Unattached
28 43:38 Terry Buxton M55 4 Guest Striders of Croydon
29 45:11 Phil Kelvin W65 1 Guest Serpentine RC
30 48:45 Alan Davidson M70 2 VAC Liss Runners
31 49:45 Joe Aspinall M80 1 VAC VAC
32 54:52 Peter Torre M75 1 VAC VAC
33 55:22 Ed Bartlett M70 3 VAC VAC
34 57:04 Francis Thomason M65 6 VAC VAC

The last day of the heatwave did not deter the 34 finishers in the final fixture of the summer series, and also the final race on this measured five-mile course. A temperature of around 30 degrees, and high humidity, sapped the energy, but not the commitment and determination. Robbie Cox (M35) and Matt Woodman (M40) had a great head-to-head race with Robbie taking the win by just six seconds. Age-group winners followed with Robin Jones (1st M45) in third, Jonathan Ratcliffe (1st M50) in fourth and Bob Bradbury, new to the M65 age group, in fifth, posting an eye-catching top of the rankings time of 30:24.

Hannah Roberts repeated her VAC 5km win with a fine time of 32:37, the fastest women’s mark of this summer’s series. Jacqui Reid and Lynn Wilson followed.

The age graded results are here. Ian Kitching, M65, topped the table with a percentage age-graded performance of 85.57%.

Well done to Joe Aspinall, Ed Bartlett and Terry O’Neill who completed all five races of the series. Here is the League Table of VAC members’ results. Seventy-four individual members took part in at least one of the races. We also welcomed many guests. Thank you all for your support.

Race Walk
Category B
Race Permit No: RWA8039-5

1 Ian Richards M70 (Steyning)                              39:36
2 Melanie Peddle W45 (EMAC/Loughton)          49:03
3 Dave Chalk M50 (Open BMAF)                         50:48
4 Maureen Noel W50 (Belgrave)                           52:32
5 Dan Maskell M70 (Surrey WC)                          55:33
6 Fiona Bishop W55 (Woking)                              56:39
7 Paul King M65 (Belgrave)                                   57:21
8 Tom Casserley M75 (Enfield)                             57:30
9 Mick Harran M80 (Surrey WC)                           57:42
10 David Hoben M65 (Surrey WC)                       57:43

DNF Peter Hannell M75 (Surrey WC) (retired after 2nd lap)   

The fifth and final fixture of the season had reasonable numbers given clash with an international in Paris and very high temperatures, which abated slightly during the evening leading to close humid conditions.

Melanie Peddle from Loughton AFD achieved a good time to win for the ladies and second place overall in 49:03, not far off her personal best.

Dave Chalk achieved a creditable 50:48 in 3rd place which is even more remarkable as he does not come from a running or walking background and certainly demonstrates that there must be others out there who could follow that example; six miles in the hour must surely be not far away.

The remainder of the field achieved respectable times in the abnormally high temperatures.

Clerk of Course: Dennis Williams
Starter: Dennis Williams
Timekeepers/Recorders: David Harris, Carl Lawton, Kevin Burnett, Ian Isherwood
Walk Judges: Shaun Lightman, Sean Pender
Entries: David Hoben, Maggie Statham, Cate Berry
Marshals: Martin Berry
Drinks station: Alison Jones, Dennis Williams
Results: David Hoben, Maggie Statham
Photography: Jeremy Hemming
First Aid: Alison Jones

Sri Chinmoy Battersea Relays, 30 July 2018

Joe Aspinall and Cliff Collins, collecting medals for VAC's victorious M80 relay team

VAC members got together and formed three winning teams in the popular Sri Chinmoy relays, which attracted 183 teams of three, each running one mile in Battersea Park. In a Vets AC V55 team, Tony Austin, Gary Budinger and Ian Strong combined to run the three miles in 22:21, finishing in 171st position. Appropriately named as "Funlovers 3", VAC's Ed Bartlett, Dan Maskell and Peter Torre were the first Over 70s team, posting a combined time of 26:22. VAC also fielded a much-admired Over 80s team. Joe Aspinall, Cliff Collins and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles linked up to run the three miles in 26:58. Congratulations and thanks to the three teams for promoting Vets AC so magnificently.

VAC Battersea Park Road Races Grand Prix 2018

The five road races of VAC’s summer series in Battersea Park count towards a Grand Prix for VAC members. To be eligible, members must compete in at least three of the five races. The person with the highest average of his or her three best age-graded performances will be awarded the Snow Cup, a prestigious trophy which dates back to 1950.

After four fixtures, a league table of age-graded results is here. Thirteen members have posted times in three or more races. Ian Kitching (M65) tops the table with a magnificent average of 86.21%. Fellow M65, Terry O'Neill, is in second position with 82.92%, followed by Carol Jones (W60) on 80.08%.

There is still one fixture remaining, on Tuesday 7 August, in which members can improve their scores. Also, nearly twenty members need only one more race to register the required three performances and be eligible for the competition.

VAC 5km Road Race Championships and 5M Race Walk, 10 July 2018, Battersea Park

Martin Daoud, Wilton Grey                                       
Bill O'Connor
Above photos from Jeremy Hemming

Lynn Wilson leads Trevor Solomon and Carol Jones           
Tony Austin (114), Edmond Simpson, M80 Gold

Julie Gillender                                                   
Ian Richards, Race Walk winner

Race Walkers, John Hall, Stefano Zennaro                          Liam O'Hare, M70 Gold
Above photos from Cate Berry

5km Road Race
Race Position Time Name Age Group Age Gp Position VAC Medal First Claim Club
1 15:56 Chris Bird (Guest) M35 1 Chichester
2 17:01 Andy Weir M50 1 Gold Thames Hare & Hounds
3 17:03 Ian Johnston M50 2 Silver VAC
4 17:16 Stephen Philcox M50 3 Bronze Ilford AC
5 17:18 Martin Murray (NEMAA) M50 4 New Marske Harriers
6 17:29 Jamie McLoughlin M40 1 Gold Walton AC
7 17:31 Robin Jones M45 1 Gold Herne Hill Harriers
8 17:33 Daniel Longhurst (Guest) M35 2 Cambridge Harriers
9 17:41 Gavin Mackay M45 2 Silver Petts Wood Runners
10 18:00 Gary Coombes M45 3 Bronze Ilford AC
11 18:17 Jamie Giles M35 3 Gold Serpentine Runners
12 18:23 Denis Gorman (Guest) M40 2 London FrontRunners
13 19:14 Ian Kitching M65 1 Gold SLH
14 19:15 Hannah Roberts (SCVAC) W35 1 Petts Wood Runners
15 19:34 Byron McKinney (Guest) M40 3 Tiverton
16 20:14 Rohan Alexander (Guest) M50 5 Ilford AC
17 20:22 Peter Hall M60 1 Gold West 4 Harriers
18 20:26 Lucy Woolhouse W55 1 Gold VAC
19 20:38 Martin Daoud M55 1 Gold Ealing Southall & Midd
20 20:48 Wilton Grey (Guest) M60 2 Ealing Southall & Midd
21 20:54 Richard Pitt M60 3 Silver Thames Hare & Hounds
22 21:01 Terry O'Neill M65 2 Silver Belgrave Harriers
23 21:20 Davyd Michell (NMAC) M40 4 Helsby Running Club
24 21:23 Tony Harran M55 2 Silver Herne Hill Harriers
25 21:24 Mike Mann M65 3 Bronze Dulwich Runners
26 22:18 Liam O'Hare M70 1 Gold Barnet & District
27 22:54 Roger Green M70 2 Silver Woodford Green
28 23:02 Stephen Parker M60 4 Bronze Ilford AC
29 23:10 David Hallson (Guest) M65 4 Road Runners Club
30 23:22 Jacqui Reid W50 1 Gold Metropolitan Police
31 23:32 Trevor Solomon M65 5 VAC
32 23:33 Caroline Helder W55 2 Silver Wimbledon Windmilers
33 23:42 Trevor Robinson M45 4 Ilford AC
34 24:01 Lynn Wilson W60 1 Gold Ealing Southall & Midd
35 24:07 Carol Jones W60 2 Silver Ealing Southall & Midd
36 24:26 Colin Harris (Guest) M60 5 Wimbledon Windmilers
37 24:48 Martin Wilson M65 6 Ealing Southall & Midd
38 24:51 Edmond Simpson M80 1 Gold Overton Harriers
39 24:54 Michael Johnson M75 1 Gold Thames Hare & Hounds
40 25:06 Tony Austin M60 6 Hercules Wimbledon
41 25:55 Rob Sargent M60 7 Ilford AC
42 26:26 Honey Boo (Guest) W45 1 Unattached
43 26:34 Phil Kelvin (Guest) W65 1 Serpentine Runners
44 27:04 Donna Richards W50 2 Silver SLH
45 27:17 Martin Lippitt M65 7 Trent Park Running Club
46 27:31 Alan Davidson M70 3 Bronze Liss Runners
47 27:56 Doris Gaga W50 3 Bronze Ilford AC
48 28:12 Maurice Marchant M65 8 Tonbridge AC
49 28:15 Joe Aspinall M80 2 Silver VAC
50 28:19 David Moorekite (SCVAC) M75 2 Larkfield AC
51 28:43 Cliff Collins M80 3 Bronze VAC
52 31:04 Bill O'Connor M70 4 Queens Park Harriers
53 31:09 Julie Gillender W50 4 Ilford AC
54 32:02 Anne Lippitt W60 3 Bronze Trent Park Running Club
55 32:09 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M85 1 Gold Sevenoaks AC
56 33:11 Pam Jones W80 1 Gold Ilford AC
57 33:48 Ed Bartlett M70 5 VAC

Near-perfect conditions produced fast times including a sub-16 minute All-Comers’ record for the 5km course. Chris Bird, a guest from Chichester AC, blazed round in 15:56, well inside the previous record of 16:17 set by Richard Tomlinson in 2014. There was an epic battle for second place between the two top M50s. Andy Weir held off relentless pressure from Ian Johnston to post 17:01, finishing two seconds ahead of Ian. Pick of the Gold medallists were Ian Kitching, M65, in a time of 19:14 and Edmond Simpson, M80, who now tops the RunBritain rankings with a time of 24:51. The other age-group Gold medallists were Jamie Giles (M35), Jamie McLoughlin (M40), Robin Jones (M45), Martin Daoud (M55), Peter Hall (M60), Liam O’Hare (M70), Michael Johnson (M75) and Richard Pitcairn-Knowles (M85).

For the women, Hannah Roberts (W35), a guest from SCVAC, won convincingly in 19:15. Lucy Woolhouse was the first VAC woman, taking W55 Gold in 20:26, only 20 seconds off Ange Norris’s W55 course record. Jacqui Reid was second for VAC and won W50 Gold. An intriguing contest for W60 Gold was won by Lynn Wilson in 24:01, closely tracked by Carol Jones in 24:07. Pam Jones once again claimed W80 Gold.

Age graded performances for VAC members are here. Ian Kitching (M65) headed the table with an impressive 87.35%, followed by Stephen Philcox (M50) with 86.78%, then Andy Weir (M50) with 86.68%. The first woman was Lucy Woolhouse (W55), fourth placed overall with 86.54%.

Race Walk
Category B
Race Permit No: RWA8039-4

1 Ian Richards M70 (Steyning) 43:09
2 Penelope Cummings W40 (AFD) 49:01
3 Stefano Zennaro M45 (Belgrave) (G) 49:46
4 John Hall M65 (Belgrave) 50:13
5 Maureen Noel W50 (Belgrave) 52:40
6 Dan Maskell M70 (Surrey WC) 54:48
7 Fiona Bishop W55 (Woking) 55:12
8 Mick Harran M80 (Surrey WC) 58:09
9 David Hoben M65 (Surrey WC) 58:17
10 Peter Hannell M75 (Surrey WC) 59:42

Not surprisingly the fourth fixture of the season, held on a sunny evening in more typical summer weather, was won by Ian Richards of Steyning AC in 43:09.

Penelope Cummings from AFD achieved a good time to win for the ladies and second place overall in 49:01, but the most newsworthy item was the arrival of new Belgrave signing Stefano Zennaro in 3rd place overall in an excellent 49:06.

And this is only the beginning.

The remainder of the field achieved times slightly better than recent events maybe the more temperate conditions assisted.

Clerk of Course: Dennis Williams
Starter: Dennis Williams
Timekeepers/Recorders: David Harris, Carl Lawton, Tom Richards, Ian Isherwood
Walk Judge: Shaun Lightman
Entries: David Hoben, Maggie Statham, Anna Garnier
Marshals: Martin Berry, Cate Berry, Peter Torre
Drinks station: Alison Jones, Anna Garnier
Results: David Hoben, Maggie Statham, Dennis Williams
Photography: Jeremy Hemming
First Aid: Alison Jones