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VAC Battersea Park Road Races Grand Prix 2017

Update after four events
The five road races of VAC’s summer series in Battersea Park count towards a Grand Prix for VAC members. To be eligible, members must compete in at least three of the five races. The person with the highest average of his or her three best age-graded performances will be awarded the Snow Cup, a trophy which dates back to 1950.

A summary of everyone’s age graded results of the four races so far is here. Sixteen members have posted the required three times. In a very close contest, only separated by decimal points, Penny Elliott (W70) heads the leader board with an age graded average of 84.67%, followed by Carol Jones (W60) with 84.06%. Mike Mann (M65) at present lies third with 83.38%. Next month’s race on Tuesday 22 August will be the last chance to post a time and to improve percentages. There are a further sixteen members who only need one more time to become eligible, so all the positions could change. The final event will be the decider.

VAC 5km Road Race Championships and 5 Mile Race Walk, 11 July 2017, Battersea Park

Simon Baines                                                                         Ian Johnston

Peter Giles & Anna Critchlow                                                                             Tony Macdowall

Gavin Mackay                                                                                 Alan Camp

Andrew Keane                                                                       Marie Synnott-Wells

Mark Culshaw, first walker                                                                          Ange Norris

Photos from Jeremy Hemming

5km Road Race

Pouring rain throughout the race did not deter the 43 finishers in the annual 5km dash round Battersea Park. Three course records were broken, in addition to several near misses. The race winner was Simon Baines, also the M45 Gold medallist, whose time of 16:20 was only three seconds off the 16:17 all-time best for the Battersea course, set by M45 Richard Tomlinson in 2014. Paul Cheetham, winning M40 Gold, was second in 16:49 followed by Tony Macdowall, taking M35 Gold in 17:08. The first record-breaker was Alan Camp whose 17:56 M60 time knocked over 30 seconds off Peter Giles’s longstanding M60 course record set in 2006. Alan’s time also beat Laurie O’Hara’s M60 VAC 5km Championship Best Performance of 18:14 set in 1995 at the Eastway Cycle Circuit. Peter Giles’s name stayed on the record book as he convincingly improved his own M70 course record from last year’s 20:07 to 19:25, putting him top of the current Runbritain rankings for 2017. He was undoubtedly spurred on by the intense competition from fellow M70, Brian James, who battled hard to finish only eight seconds behind on the line. The other age group Gold medals were won by Peter Wootton (M50), Peter Hall (M55), Valdis Pauzers (M60), Mike Mann (M65), Les Presland (M75) and Cliff Collins (M80).

For the women, Anna Critchlow led the way for W45 Gold in 19:26, 22 seconds off her own W45 course record of 19:04 set last year. The third record breaker was second woman, Ange Norris, whose time of 20:06 knocked ten seconds off Anna Garnier’s W55 course record set in 2010. Marie Synnott-Wells was third, and first W50. Other Gold medallists were Jane Rowden (W60), Penny Elliott (W70) and Marion Rayner (W65) whose time of 25:39 was only 20 seconds short of Sue Lambert’s longstanding W65 course record of 25:19 set in 2010.

Age graded performances for VAC members for the July race are here. Peter Giles (M70) once again topped the table with a magnificent 93.6% for his time of 19:25. Alan Camp (M60) was second with nearly 90%, closely followed by Brian James (M70), race winner Simon Baines (M45) and W55 record breaker, Ange Norris. Fourteen VAC members achieved top class age gradings of over 80%. Members must register three performances in order to qualify for the Battersea Park Grand Prix. A summary of the age graded results of the four races so far is here. Next month’s race on Tuesday 22 August will be the last chance to post a time and to improve percentages.


Race Position Time Name Age Group VAC Champs Age Gp pos. First Claim Club
1 16:20 Simon Baines M45 1 THH
2 16:49 Paul Cheetham M40 1 Barnes Runners
3 17:08 Tony Macdowall M35 1 Victoria Park & TH
4 17:11 Ian Johnston M45 2 VAC
5 17:19 Andrew Keane (guest) M40 St Mary's Richmond
6 17:51 Gavin Mackay M45 3 Petts Wood
7 17:56* Alan Camp* M60 1 Blackheath & Bromley
8 19:25** Peter Giles** M70 1 Hercules Wimbledon
9 19:26 Anna Critchlow W45 1 West 4 Harriers
10 19:33 Brian James M70 2 Watford Joggers
11 19:48 Tom Cheetham (guest) M50 Hercules Wimbledon
12 19:50 Peter Wootton M50 1 Chiltern
13 20:06*** Ange Norris*** W55 1 Dulwich Runners
14 20:22 Peter Hall M55 1 West 4 Harriers
15 20:37 Mike Mann M65 1 Dulwich Runners
16 20:56 Marie Synnott-Wells W50 1 Ranelagh Harriers
17 21:36 Carlos Cobo (guest) M35 Surrey Walking Club
18 21:46 Stephen Parker M60 2 Ilford AC
19 21:55 Valdis Pauzers M60 3 Herne Hill Harriers
20 21:57 Carol Jones W55 2 Ealing Southall & Midd
21 22:14 Peter Durrans M65 2 VAC
22 22:17 Gerry Smith M65 3 Epsom & Ewell
23 22:28 Tom Morris M55 2 Hercules Wimbledon
24 23:15 Caroline Helder W55 3 Wimbledon Windmilers
25 23:25 Jane Rowden W60 1 West 4 Harriers
26 23:39 Ed Skinner M60 3 Tiptree
27 23:42 Trevor Solomon M65 4 VAC
28 23:49 David Gillanders (guest) M65 Unattached
29 23:59 Jacqui Reid W50 2 Met Police
30 25:39 Marion Rayner W65 1 West 4 Harriers
31 25:40 Les Presland M75 1 AFD
32 26:10 Penny Elliott W70 1 Waverley Harriers
33 26:37 Cliff Collins M80 1 VAC
34 28:09 Richard Hammerson M75 2 Reading Road Runners
35 28:21 Bill O'Connor M70 3 Queens Park Harriers
36 29:59 Joe Aspinall M75 3 VAC
37 31:35 Maurice Marchant M65 5 Tonbridge
38 31:37 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles M80 2 Sevenoaks AC
39 32:38 Ed Bartlett M70 4 VAC
40 33:41 Peter Torre M75 4 Mornington Chasers
41 33:51 Lesley Gower W65 2 VAC
42 37:15 Ken Tuson M80 3 VAC
43 39:48 Brian Shave M80 4 Herne Hill Harriers
* Alan Camp new M60 course record (previous best was Peter Giles, 18:35, set 18 July 2006)
** Peter Giles new M70 course record (previous best was Peter Giles, 20:07, set 12 July 2016)
*** Ange Norris new W55 course record (previous best was Anna Garnier, 20:16, set 10 August 2010)

5 Mile Walk
Category B
Race Permit No: RWA7037- 4
1 Mark Culshaw (Ilford)                                  M50 47:53
2 Steve Bishop (Stock Exchange) (G)        M55 48:27
3 John Hall (Belgrave)                                   M65 51:16
4 Maureen Noel (Belgrave)                          W50 52:31
5 Peter Hannell (Surrey WC)                        M70 55:38
6 Chris Flint (Surrey WC)                             M70 56:55
7 Mick Harran (Surrey WC)                          M75 58:36
8 David Hoben (Surrey WC)                        M60 59:39
The fourth fixture of the season was held in a considerable amount of rain and was the wettest for some time, the officials at the finish did well to handle the time recording in such conditions.
New signing Mark Culshaw from Ilford had an easy victory, both he and Chris Flint had competed in a 20k road event 2 days earlier which had scarcely affected their times.
VAC were pleased to welcome back Steve Bishop who had appeared earlier in the season and recorded a very respectable time.
John Hall from Belgrave returned to a good time and position in view of his extended absence from regular competitions.
Starter: Dennis Williams
Timekeepers/Recorders: David Harris, Carl Lawton, Tom Richards, Ian Isherwood, Nolan Simmons
Walk Judges: Shaun Lightman, Sean Pender, Michael Croft
Entries: David Hoben, Maggie Statham, Anna Garnier
Marshal: Martin Berry
Drinks station: Anna Garnier
Results: David Hoben, Maggie Statham, Dennis Williams
Photography: Jeremy Hemming
First Aid: Alison Jones

England Masters Track & Field Inter Area Challenge, 2 July 2017, Solihull  

The VAC team of men and women fought for every point in the annual track and field challenge between eight area masters clubs. Midland Masters made home advantage count in winning both the men’s and women’s competitions, and becoming the overall champions. VAC’s men and women finished 4th and 6th respectively, with VAC placing 6th overall. There were some great individual performances including fine wins for Aaron Brown (M35-50, 1500m), Allan Long (M70, 200m) and Wesley Clarke (M50-60, Hammer). Good second place finishes were achieved by Pat Logan (M50-60, 100m), Paul Cheetham (M35-50, 3,000m), Tony Richards (M60-70, Shot Put), Lisa Webb (W50-60, 800m and 1500m), Fiona Bishop (W35-50, 2km Walk) and Tracey Gould (W35-50, Hammer). The full results are on the BMAF website .